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    What are the factors to consider while renting/buying a house?

    Check if the property is within your budget range. Check the connectivity aspect of the locality. Availability of cabs, autos and other means of public transport is essential. Safety and security of the neighbourhood are vita more

      What amenities should be checked before finalising a property?

      Some of the key areas of consideration are the provision of parking, water, electricity and gas supply. Also, check the availability of mobile network and Wi-fi facilities. Check the maintenance fee and the other policies regarding pets, guests, redecoration, and damages.


        Should I negotiate with the landlord/broker/seller?

        A thorough knowledge of the market, prevailing monthly rentals in the area and the society, condition of the house, and amenities promised are some of the variables that help negotiate a deal. Ensure that you begin your search well in advance to compare different options.


          Where should I buy a property- metros or non-metros?

          The purpose of the purchase drives the selection of location. If the end use of a property is to live in it, you may want to consider a metro. Metros fare over non-metros in terms of infrastructural development, social and retail framework and job opportunities offered, to name a few. However, if the purpose is an investment, then non-metros can be preferred as they provide better price appreciation, larger and open spaces, and locational advantage at a comparatively lower price.


            How should I select the floor while buying a property?

            While lower floors provide easy access to amenities, eliminate dependency on elevators and have better compliance with fire safety norms, they are generally more expensive and prone to attacks by intruders. Higher floors typically provide better ventilation, noise-free surroundings and privacy.