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      Last updated in Sep-2023

      Property Rates in Ghaziabad

      50 of 58 Localities in Ghaziabad
      Most Appreciated
      Highest Rating
      Mostly Searched
      Highest Rental Yield
      Average Price
      Indirapuram property rates
      Rate on 99acres
      ₹6,250/ sq.ft
      Rental Yield
      Raj Nagar Extension property rates
      Rate on 99acres
      ₹4,400/ sq.ft
      Rental Yield
      Vaishali property rates
      Rate on 99acres
      ₹6,550/ sq.ft
      Rental Yield
      Siddhartha Vihar property rates
      Rate on 99acres
      ₹6,000/ sq.ft
      Rental Yield
      Crossing Republik property rates
      Rate on 99acres
      ₹4,050/ sq.ft
      Rental Yield
      Locality NameProperty TypeAverage Price per square feet (in Rs.)Growth rate in 5 yearsRental Yield
      IndirapuramApartment6250257% Rental Yield
      Raj Nagar ExtensionApartment440051.73% Rental Yield
      VaishaliApartment65507.44% Rental Yield
      Siddhartha ViharApartment600048.13% Rental Yield
      Crossing RepublikApartment4050356% Rental Yield
      NH 24 HighwayApartment425044.12% Rental Yield
      VasundharaApartment755060.63% Rental Yield
      Ahinsa Khand 2Apartment580030.33% Rental Yield
      Vaibhav KhandApartment6500258% Rental Yield
      Ramprastha GreensApartment845029NA
      Ahinsa Khand 1Apartment925050.413% Rental Yield
      Sector 4 Vaishali Apartment630054% Rental Yield
      Shalimar gardenApartment365094% Rental Yield
      KaushambiApartment5850364% Rental Yield
      BhopuraApartment325022.62% Rental Yield
      SahibabadApartment475037.73% Rental Yield
      Mohan NagarApartment535011.52% Rental Yield
      Shalimar Garden Extension 2Apartment35507.63% Rental Yield
      Sector 3 Vaishali Apartment60003.45% Rental Yield
      Govind PuramApartment340065.9NA
      Pratap ViharApartment40006.7NA
      Lal KuanApartment335021.8NA
      Sector 5 Vaishali Apartment57507.54% Rental Yield
      Nyay Khand 1Apartment51503NA
      Sector 1 Vaishali Apartment655019.13% Rental Yield
      Sector 3 VasundharaApartment560023.13% Rental Yield
      Sector 5 VasundharaApartment850049.1NA
      Shalimar Garden Extension 1Apartment3550-7.82% Rental Yield
      Judges EnclaveApartment600033.3NA
      Sector 9 Vaishali Apartment665010.8NA
      Shastri NagarApartment415093NA
      Ahinsa KhandApartment625016.88% Rental Yield
      Nyay Khand 2Apartment44503.5NA
      Shahpur BamhetaApartment32503.2NA
      Sain ViharApartment350034.6NA
      NH 91Apartment335026.4NA
      Chipiyana BuzurgApartment240023.1NA
      Madhuban BapudhamApartment3350NANA
      Sector 15 VasundharaApartment8100NANA
      Sector 14 VasundharaApartment8000NANA
      IndirapuramBuilder Floor15800697% Rental Yield
      VaishaliBuilder Floor1525050.24% Rental Yield
      Crossing RepublikBuilder Floor6450726% Rental Yield
      NH 24 HighwayBuilder Floor66502502% Rental Yield
      VasundharaBuilder Floor1525062.23% Rental Yield
      Shalimar gardenBuilder Floor9050NA4% Rental Yield
      Govind PuramBuilder Floor590061.6NA
      Lal KuanBuilder Floor265082.8NA
      Shalimar Garden Extension 1Builder Floor9050NA2% Rental Yield
      NH 91Builder Floor190031NA
      LoniBuilder Floor280027.3NA
      Rajendar NagarBuilder Floor12200NA4% Rental Yield
      Wave CityBuilder Floor6900236.63% Rental Yield
      IndirapuramPlot/Land675062.77% Rental Yield
      Raj Nagar ExtensionPlot/Land4550NA3% Rental Yield
      VaishaliPlot/Land555029.14% Rental Yield
      NH 24 HighwayPlot/Land435052.62% Rental Yield
      VasundharaPlot/Land6200613% Rental Yield
      Ahinsa Khand 2Plot/Land5350NA3% Rental Yield
      Sector 4 Vaishali Plot/Land5850304% Rental Yield
      Shalimar gardenPlot/Land35502.94% Rental Yield
      KaushambiPlot/Land880058.64% Rental Yield
      BhopuraPlot/Land2450-9.32% Rental Yield
      Shalimar Garden Extension 2Plot/Land380010.13% Rental Yield
      Govind PuramPlot/Land355082.1NA
      Pratap ViharPlot/Land400027NA
      Sector 5 Vaishali Plot/Land5850334% Rental Yield
      Sector 1 Vaishali Plot/Land550027.93% Rental Yield
      Sector 3 VasundharaPlot/Land475039.73% Rental Yield
      Sector 5 VasundharaPlot/Land575040.2NA
      Shalimar Garden Extension 1Plot/Land35502.92% Rental Yield
      Shastri NagarPlot/Land310021.6NA
      Ahinsa KhandPlot/Land5350NA8% Rental Yield
      Sector 14 VasundharaPlot/Land635035.1NA
      Rajendar NagarPlot/Land495020.74% Rental Yield
      Ankur ViharPlot/Land2500-5.7NA
      Niti KhandPlot/Land755075.68% Rental Yield
      Gyan KhandPlot/Land595052.6NA
      Shakti KhandPlot/Land620047.6NA
      Wave CityPlot/Land435052.63% Rental Yield
      Surya NagarPlot/Land845053.6NA

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      FAQs about Ghaziabad Property Prices

        Q. Which localities saw highest price growth in Ghaziabad in last 3 years?

        Madhuban Bapudham (91.4%), Govind Puram (61.9%), Vasundhara (48.0%) are the localities with the highest price appreciation for property in last 3 years. You can check the price trend of flats, builder floor & residential plot/land of these localites on

        Q. Which are the most popular affordable societies to buy a property in Ghaziabad

        GAV Green View Heights (₹ 3,150 per sq ft), Bharat City (₹ 3,000 per sq ft), Techmans Moti Residency (₹ 2,950 per sq ft), Super Realtech Oxy Homez (₹ 3,100 per sq ft), Ascent Savy Ville De (₹ 3,400 per sq ft) are some of the affordable societies for buying a property in Ghaziabad.

        Q. Which are the affordable areas in Ghaziabad

        Govind Puram (₹ 3,400 per sq ft), Bhopura (₹ 3,250 per sq ft), Loni (₹ 3,300 per sq ft), NH 91 (₹ 3,350 per sq ft), Madhuban Bapudham (₹ 3,350 per sq ft) are some of the popular affordable areas in Ghaziabad.

        Q. Where in Ghaziabad can investors earn highest rental income?

        Ahinsa Khand 1 (12.8%), Vaibhav Khand (7.8%), Ahinsa Khand (7.7%), Niti Khand (7.5%), Indirapuram (7.1%) are some of the areas that offer highest rental returns in Ghaziabad.

        Q. What are the factors that influence property rates in Ghaziabad?

        Several factors influence property rates in Ghaziabad. The key factors include the location's proximity to amenities, infrastructure development, demand and supply dynamics, economic growth, and the overall real estate market conditions.

      The objective of this page is to assist property seekers in getting an insight into the residential options available in the Locality/Zone/City. In line with the objective, all residential projects ar

      e active on Project details presented on this page are collected from public sources including the State RERA website(wherever applicable). Parameters considered for classifying projects & localities as ‘Popular’: Search traffic for the last 6 months, proximity to locality/zone, and detailed primary and secondary research backed up by our in-house domain expertise. 99acres only presents this content in an easy format for user research and user education and does not own any content. Do keep in mind that the information that has been provided on 'the Website', including property listings, project details, location, floor, area, maps, layout, etc. have been displayed for reference purposes only and cannot replace the primary source i.e. an independent verification by buyer/ agent. Any investment decisions that you take should not be based relying solely on the data that is available in this document. Please remember it is your money which is at stake, therefore, it is advisable that any decisions that are taken to buy/rent/invest in any real estate are taken after researching the bona fides of the person/entity selling the same to you including the title of such property.More
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