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Boma commented on koena kashyap's answer a month ago
koena kashyap Hi Boma, I agree that carpet area will give you an idea of the actual space at your disposal in the property and it will help you understand the usable area in the kitchen, bedroom, living r ... more
a month ago
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Boma My understanding is that there is no free lunch. Actually, the builder does not pay for common areas as he builds price of common areas also in the carpet area price. Therefore, ultimately buyer pays for common areas also.

But my point is that if both carpet area and superbuilt area are given in the ad then we can make idea about how the carpet area could be, if it will be suitable for our needs before contacting sellers. Looks like 99Acres cannot do anything in this regard. Thanks for yo
 ... more
a month ago
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Boma commented on 's answer 2 months ago
Hi Gagan ..!! You May Contact Me at @. Will Show you Some sample House Which is made by us, So you will get fair Idea About Construction and Specification. Then Will will Sign Contract Agre ... more
2 months ago
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Boma what does typical collaboration means? who finances the construction and what do the plot owner and collaboarator get in return?
2 months ago
Boma commented on 's answer 10 months ago
Hi Boma, for e.x., your plot size is 200 sq. yards. Convert 200 sq. yards to sq. meters by multiplying it by 0.83. After conversion 200 sq. yards comes out to be 167 sq. meters. For a 167 s ... more
10 months ago
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Boma Thanks
10 months ago

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