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We live in a rented flat since June 1 2018. When we signed the lease, the landlord agreed to give us a 3 year lease & did not mention selling the flat. However now they want to sell the flat. Can they do that when we have a signed 3 year lease?

4 months after signing the lease they talked about selling. We clearly stated in the beginning that we wanted a long lease and went with them since they agreed.
By Rishub Matharu   2 months ago  1253 views
Shivom Asthan 2 months ago
HiVide Lease Deed the owner doesnt give u ownership rights. He gives u tenancy rights. So he shall hv rights to sell the same but ur rights r protected as per ur signed lease deed. Ur lease shall be attorned to the new owner. U will remain the tenant as per the lease. Thanks Shivom Asthana **********
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Rishub Matharu Thank you for responding. The issue has been resolved.
2 months ago
taruntaneja 2 months ago
Hi Rishub, since the property belongs to the owner, he has all the right to sell the property. However, as per laws, if there is an active rental/lease agreement, the owner has to inform the tenant 1 month prior that he is going to sell the property soon. The 1 month time period is given to the tenant to find a new home. I hope you have understood the scenario properly now.
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Arun Kumar Srivat... Yes fully agree with you but you should seek your advice from local legel consultant he ii study documents then advise you accordingly but it is advisable request your land lord give you time for vaccate in good location and economical rent to you if your landlord having alternative home in vaccant condition in same city in different locations at same rent or less rent for remaining period of lease agreement by amendment of present rent lease agreement both sides in presese of two witnesses
2 months ago
rajesh 2 months ago
Unfortunately the owner can sell the property even if they have given you a 3 year lease. The normal Leave and License agreement doesn't bound the owner to not sell the property while renting. The agreement could be held void my giving one month prior notice by either of the party.
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Rishub Matharu Thank you for responding. The issue has been resolved.
2 months ago
ranjit rana 2 months ago
Hi Rishub! The owner has the right to sell an apartment irrespective whether the lease period is over or not. However, the owner should give you a proper notice in advance so that you make other arrangements. I would recommend that you should speak with the owner and try to resolve this matter. If this does not lead to any resolution acceptable to both you and the owner then you should take the help of a legal advisor who can suggest you what should be done in this situation.
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Rishub Matharu Thank you for responding. I shall take your advice.
2 months ago
Arun Kumar Srivat... Yes fully agree with you but one should take humitian grounds for tenant also as one person is Land loard may be tanent in other city if one sells his/her property can ask buyer payment in three months period 50.00 percentage as biyana total cost of sale consideration and balance after there months of time of registration of property from seller to buyer name meantime tanent can have house as per his/her budget for rent
2 months ago
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