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If the super built up area is 725 sq.ft what could be the carpet area

If the super built up area is 725 sq.ft what could be the carpet area
By Santi Ranjan Kund...   a month ago  47 views
Nishit Anarkat a month ago
490 sq.ft. is the Carpet Area.
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Shweta Is there any percentage to calculate carpet area from super built-up area?
4 weeks ago
Nishit Anarkat 25% deducted from Super Built-up [SBU] area would give us the Built-up area.
10% deducted further from that, would give us the Carpet area.

This was the general rule, up until now. After the implementation of RERA infact, only the Carpet area would be talked about. People would not require to know the SBU.

Reason: Developers would charge only on Carpet area, which was till now being done on SBU.

P.S.: States like West Bengal, where RERA is not yet implemented in it's full form, buyers are still being charged per square feet on SBU.
4 weeks ago
Shweta thanks for explaining this in detail. Much appreciated :]
3 weeks ago
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amirah sharma a month ago
Hi Mr Kundu! Carpet area is the area on which you can lay a carpet. It does not include the thickeness of the inner walls. Super built-up area on the other hand is built-up area plus the proportion of common areas like lift, lobby and staircase. Carpet Area is around 70% to 80% of the super built-up area. So if the super built up area is around 725 sqft, then the carpet area will be somewhere between 508 sqft and 580 sqft.
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