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Difference between Built-up Area, Super Built-up Area and Carpet Area

The real estate is using the internet and social media to show new innovations. One can view virtual tours etc online. How effective and real are these? Can we believe what is being promoted?
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Yogesh 4 years ago
Carpet Area : As its name suggests, Carpet Area is the area where we can spread a carpet, means area calculated from inner wall to wall distance inside the house. This would also include steps if any, inside the house. So essentially, Carpet area is nothing but the net usable area inside the house.

Built up Area : Built up area is Carpet Area + Area of walls and ducts+ 1/2 the Area of terrace. This is usually 10% more than the carpet area. A terrace is considered as half the actual area for calculating built up area.

Super Built up Area : This is built up area + area occupied by common amenities like lifts, corridors, awnings, club house, stairs. Super built up is usually around 25% more than Built up area. This is also called as Salable Area.
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indrajeet singh r... Thanks for your kind information, its very useful for me,
if possible can u advice me a Drawing of 375 sq feet carpet area 1bhk house
on ************@*****.***
3 years ago
sega thanks Yogi
3 years ago
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vamshi 2 months ago
well i found the entire thing about Plint , builtup, super built-up and carpet area follow the below link
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sandeep 3 years ago
measuring 279 sq.ft.Having super built up 25%
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houseseeker 4 years ago
Carpet area- literally all the area in your house where you can lay a carpet (i.e. excluding the walls etc.), Built up area includes all the area including walls and super built up area includes additionally all the shared areas as well (space outside the house, space allocated for AC coolers etc.) hope this helps
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Priyangi can washrooms be calculated in carpet area???
3 years ago
hariprasad yes sure it calculated in the carpet area
4 months ago
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