There are endless opportunities for women to explore in this industry and learn different aspects of it, avers, Prarthana Sanghvi, Executive Director, Sanghvi Parrsssva Group of Companies.

Prarthana Sanghvi, Executive Director, Sanghvi Parrsssva Group of CompaniesWhat do you consider as your biggest accomplishment in the last one year?

My biggest achievement has been to see myself grow as a person and become mentally and emotionally strong. I think pursuing a career in the real estate industry and learning how to survive in such a dynamic, and ever-changing environment is a big thing in itself. Having tasked with the responsibility to operate and manage the Seema Sanghvi Welfare Foundation (SSWF) and being successful in doing is a significant achievement. Uplifting Sanghvi Parrsssva Group of Companies and improvising its corporate branding through the continuous inflow of innovative ideas was a big task. Step-by-step we are progressing and achieving our goals and further hoping to achieve goals in 2019.

Has your career given you opportunities to feel proud about yourself?

Yes, it has given me endless opportunities to explore the different aspects of this industry and gaining knowledge about it. I have learned how to multitask and manage several things at a time with ease. Being able to take employee-based/managerial decisions and lead a team was something that I learned, and I am proud of it.

How have you surprised yourself in your career so far?

Every day is a challenge and an opportunity; willingness is something that surprises me the most. Getting up every day with the thought of working harder, desire to achieve bigger goals and learning and exploring new things is what keeps me going. The other thing that I lacked was my confidence which got a boost with the kind of challenges that I faced in this industry. The beauty of this industry is that it teaches you several things and never stops surprising you.

What do you think is the general perception about women in the real estate industry?

General perception is that people are not used to seeing women on a construction site. As a kid, I attended several award functions with my father and always wondered that majority of the people attending the event were men. Things, however, are changing gradually and people are accepting women in this industry and acknowledging their work as well.

Who/What has been your pillar of support?

I believe that a person who is a pillar to your happiness can be a pillar of everything. My father gave me the opportunity to explore this industry and has been my mentor throughout my journey. Moreover, I am thankful to the entire Sanghvi Parrsssva family who has supported me in my journey.

What are the challenges you have faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry?

Initially, it was slightly challenging to sit in a room full of men and voice your opinion in front of them. I overcame this by having a belief in myself and faith in my thoughts and creativity.

Any tip for women just venturing in real estate?

Just be confident and have faith in yourself. Voice your thoughts because you have the ability to change the entire outlook and face of the industry.