In a male-dominated industry, women were often looked down upon. However, times have changed tremendously, and women are now given equal chances to prove themselves, opines, Vama Sanghvi, Executive Director, Sanghvi Parrsssva Group of Companies. 

Vama Sanghvi, Executive Director, Sanghvi Parrsssva Group of CompaniesWhat do you consider as your biggest accomplishment in the last one year?

One of my biggest accomplishments has been to prove myself in the industry and being accepted by the people. I have been appreciated and respected for innovative ideas and methods that I put up on the table because of which, I was tasked with the responsibility of not only taking strategic decisions but also to execute and operationalise programs for our Seema Sanghvi Welfare Foundation (SSWF), an initiative of Sanghvi Parrsssva Group of Companies. I tried to keep a balance between two completely different segments and strived for higher goals. Besides, I also ensured to impact as many lives as I can through SSWF.

Has your career given you opportunities to feel proud about yourself?

Yes, since I am still pursuing under-graduation course in Strategic Design Management. It is incredible how I am able to put my learnings into real-life scenarios of business, which has helped me find synergies between them and achieve the desired results. Not just getting ideas to the table, but finding a solution and executing it till its complete is an ability that I have developed. Being a part of the management and design implementation team has further made me understand people and strategies at different levels.

How have you surprised yourself in your career so far?

By moving out of my comfort zone and trying to achieve my goals. I just try to believe in myself, and wholeheartedly accept newer opportunities to find out the hidden capabilities that I have. With each passing day, I have become a better learner.

What do you think is the general perception about women in real estate?

Women are often not accepted as a superior person in the organisation and might have to prove themselves to be accepted in the industry. Despite having capabilities, sometimes they are even looked down upon. But, I am glad that things are changing tremendously and women are given adequate opportunities to prove themselves.

Who/What has been your pillar of support?

My father’s faith in me and my mother’s constant push has given me great strength and power to strive for higher goals in life. It is my privilege to be a part of an organisation, where the entire team has been supportive and contributed their bit in helping me achieve my goals.

What are the challenges you have faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry?

Being asked to prove myself sometimes has been a significant challenge that I have faced in the industry. However, time and again I have shown that I am a strongly opinionated woman with innovative ideas.

Any tip for women just venturing into real estate?

I would say that a woman should truly believe in herself because when she does, she is unstoppable and has the power to turn the world upside down. You must choose your own path and decide where you want to be, not where others want you to be.