On the occasion of women's day, 99acres.com interacts with Pooja Ashley, Co-Founder, Ashleys and discusses the accomplishments and challenges she faced while establishing herself as a female entrepreneur in the real estate sector.

1. What led you to choose a career in architecture/interior design?  

I am always fascinated by spaces and the transformation that design can bring to them. Being observant of spatial transitions and structural complexities, I decided to align my career with the passion for experimenting with spaces and hence, opted for architecture and interior design.

2.  What has been your support mechanism in your design career? 

Learning from each project and keeping tabs on global design trends has always nurtured my design career and kept me afloat. Moreover, interacting with different clients has also widened my understanding of spaces. So, in respect to support, my colleagues, teammates and clients, all have played a crucial role in helping me reach where I am today.

3. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Having won several accolades and recognition for our projects is very humbling and gratifying as the entire design fraternity has recognised the work we have done. Client recognition and appreciation are also considered as big accomplishments in my career. 

4. Are you content with your career choice?

I had a creative streak since the beginning so I cannot imagine myself in any other space but design. I enjoy designing; it is not only my job but also my passion. My experiences have helped me develop a robust design vocabulary that crafts an elegant and refined lifestyle for the clients.

5. What kind of challenges did you face in this male-dominated field?

A creative field such as interior designing provides ample opportunities for everyone irrespective of gender. Despite the enormous male population in the design field, there has always been ample scope for creative women to prove their mettle. My teammates and clients have always supported my design vocabulary and ideologies.

6. Do you feel the general perception of women in the design industry has changed over the years? 

In India, the perception of women in interior design has improved a lot since the past few years. The demographics of women in design education and practice has increased to surprising numbers, and their contribution to the interior design industry has also been remarkable. With empathy and precision, many women in the past have delivered impeccable work and are continuing to do so. Today, women are at the centre of the creative industry.

7. Any suggestions for other women foraying into Architecture/Interior Design?

The design field is extremely diversified and divided into numerous branches. Therefore, one should be clear about their passion and choose a right career path, whether it is architecture, interior design, art or other allied fields as each need different temperament and specialisation.

Experience in the industry from the early stages is mandatory to groom one’s creativity. Today, thanks to the digitisation, the exposure of creative fields for the young minds is abundant. Hence, observe and assimilate what most resonates with your persona and accordingly go ahead to choose a career.