Withdrawal of GO-111 in Hyderabad to expand realty construction around lakes


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Hyderabad authority is contemplating the withdrawal of GO-111 provision that barred construction activity in and around Osmansagar and Himayatnagar lakes. The move is likely to expand realty construction across 84 villages that fall in the catchment area of the two lakes under a bio-conservation zone.

Telangana government plans to lift ban on construction activities in and around Osmansagar and Himayatnagar lakes in a bid to promote real estate and recreation development in the region that comprises 84 villages. The contemplation is in the wake of regular pressure that the authority has been receiving from realtors and public representatives of these villages where development activities have long been ignored. These villages include six mandals including Shamshabad, Shabad, Rajendranagar, Chevalla, Moinabad and Shankarapalli which hold huge real estate potential owing to their proximity to IT corridors.

One of the major reasons for the expansion prohibition are the twin lakes that were earlier the prime source of drinking water in the city. In an attempt to preserve the water quality, the area up to 10 km of the lakes was demarcated as a bio-conservation zone and GO-111 was imposed. The provision was passed in March 1996 that strictly barred construction of industries, major hotels, residential colonies and any other development that contributes to pollution in the catchment of lakes.

However, presently, the legality and validity of GO 111 has been challenged as living conditions of locals has become miserable due to the ban on development activities within a 10 km radius of the two lakes. According, Arun Jaju, Proprietor, Prime Properties, “The city’s present drinking water requirements are largely met by Godavari and Krishna rivers, therefore, development around these two lakes can be encouraged for the larger interest of the general public. Once the ban is lifted or norms are eased, it will open floodgates for real estate development. Also, as the property rates around the lakes grows at a faster pace, prices of the properties developed in these areas around are also expected to increase significantly.”

While a ban lift would increase commercial engagements, transform the residential projects in the nearby villages, chances are that it would threaten the ecological balance through encroachments and pollution, share environment experts. Therefore, government has asked NGT to form a committee of three members to study GO-111 and feasibility of its cancellation.

Besides, if the order is passed in favour of the petitioners, Krishna and Godavari river will be the only source of drinking water and the cost of drawing water from hundreds of kilometers would increase which might pass on to the citizens in the form of water bills. Currently, water board spends Rs 35-40 to draw one litre water from Krishna and Godavari, while the rate of drawing water from Osmanagar and Himayatsagar lakes will be only Rs 2 per litre.


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  • Ak September 14, 201711:47 am

    When the people of 111 GO effected people are sacrificing there development for twin cities Than twin cities people together should pay the 111 GO farmers 1 lakh per acre per month considering the per acre price in non 111 GO area prices.

  • bhukya prakash September 26, 201710:41 am

    synonymous to depriving the section of society at the cost of meagre source of water. The clean development is encouraged in those areas, surely will generate lot of employment opportunities to locally deprived population and will generate lot of revenue as well.

  • Mohammed Siddique October 3, 20174:59 pm

    Sir, is there any update on the GO 111 ?

  • Anand October 18, 20176:13 pm

    People affected by GO 111,are deprived of benefits of the expanding Hyderabad city,need to be compensated by the government by providing equallant land at the developed area

  • altaf October 28, 20179:44 pm

    Kindly give the Concerned Department Address to get update

  • Vivek October 29, 20178:59 pm

    Govt should take on initiative fast for removing the 111 Go or should Modify the 111Go. Because this 111 Go lot ofonstruction activities and new development has been stopped from fast years. If 111 Go remove or modified big IT companies and Amazon and Johnson & Johnson will start there operations
    If they started investing lot of construction activities and big hotel s will create lot of jobs and development. We will hands together will amd go to the govt remind issue .

  • Murali November 7, 201710:38 pm

    Sir any new updates on this topic

  • Segu November 9, 20179:35 am

    Dear Respected sirs (Policy makers),
    Around the catchment area and govt. Should plan to construct drain in such a way all the collected rain water flows initially in to drain and the drain outlet flows tnto catchment area (Lake / Pond). If the capacity of lake not adequate enough deepen the lake in such a way adequqte enough for expected volume water to store in the lake. Rest of the area sall be released for construction / development purposes. All the constructions shall me maintain greenery like garden city (thrfing (minimise surface dust accumilation in to lake), planting of grass to helps in soil erosion too, plantibg of more trees keep cool the area all the time – more rains can expect by doing this). well planned drainage system shall be implemented and treated too (water may be used for plantation to maintain greenary around the lake). Only Gov’t. shall initiate the process for creating employability to the public and also Govt. Get good revenue too.

    Gov’t. Should take more positive concrete step on this and go forward for development. Before releasing govt. Should prepare and release for development – Jaitelangana – JAI HIND.

    sincerely yours.

  • Priya December 29, 20171:52 pm

    GO 111 has not banned real estate in totality is my understanding. There are areas and policies that are part of GO 111 that allow for construction activity within village limits provided the norms are followed for the amt of open space to be left, etc.,

    There are areas that are outside of Go 111 and also in proximity of IT corridor….like Mokila…has this area developed? There are few ventures around this area but has it reached its potential…?

    Lifting GO111 may not be the only solution to in crease development activities in the 84 villages….above all, knowinng the cost of getting water for city from the rivers vs from these lakes….would it be wise idea to let go off our own source of water and totally depend on outside sources…..

    The lakes cannot be saved without GO 111…. Once lifted they will face the same fate as the other smaller lakes in and around hyd city…either encroached or polluted…our very best example of a big polluted lake is Hussain sagar….

    I may sound biased here but wanted to share my thoughts here…if it has offended anyone kindly excuse.


    1. Iftekhar Ahmed March 3, 20184:56 pm

      Completely agree with you…

    2. Iftekhar Ahmed March 3, 20184:58 pm

      Very well said, completely agree with you.

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