The real estate industry is known to uphold the values of Vastu Shastra given how intertwined the sector and beliefs are of the buyer and developer communities. For an investment as financially laden as realty, buyers try to pull out all the stops to ensure that the new property brings in abundance and prosperity for their family. Builders, on the other hand, attempt to leave no stone unturned to attract customers. Thus, the mutual interdependence of buyers and sellers heightens the importance of Vastu-compliance of a property.

What is meant by Vastu compliance?

Vastu compliance simply means that the design, layout and spatial aspects of a property are in accordance with the rules of the Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra consists of concepts and principles that have been followed in architecture for centuries. It is also referred to as the ‘science of architecture’. As per a basic understanding of the subject, the five guiding elements- earth, wind, water, fire and space combined with the eight directions are optimised to establish a property fit for dwelling.

Each element has ideal combinations like water and the northeast direction, air and the northwest direction, space and the centre, fire and the southeast, and earth and the southwest direction. Vastu experts emphasise on these specifications alongside suitable positioning, colours and shapes to construct the best possible structure.

Why is Vastu-compliance of a property important?

The concept of Vastu Shastra is based on an elementary perception that a property is more than the purpose it is supposed to serve. This means that a house is not just a dwelling unit, but a space that fosters prosperity, positivity, good luck, wealth and stability, among others.

Developers understand that people across the globe value these basic tenets of real estate associated with Vastu Shastra, and they often charge a premium for properties that are high on Vastu compliance.

What are the basic Vastu tips to keep in mind?

As per Vastu experts, below are some basic Vastu tips to consider while investing in a property:

  • Check the direction of the main entrance of the unit. It is advised to have the entrance in the north, east or northeast corner. It is easier to examine this while the property is under construction. However, in the case of a ready-to-move unit, the main entrance can be renovated to suit the needs of the dwellers.
  • The direction of the rooms is equally important. While the kitchen should ideally be in the southeast part of the house, the kids’ room and master bedroom should be in the southwest direction. The washroom should be in the west or northwest direction. Experts recommend checking the placement of the bathroom specifically, as it is difficult to take corrective measures for its incorrect positioning.
  • When giving precedence to Vastu, focus on the shapes and forms of the rooms. Avoid having rooms in a circular shape, and incorporate straight lines or rooms in the shape of squares and rectangles.
  • When selecting a property, experts also recommend checking the placement of associated items like a water tank. It should be placed in the west or southwest direction of the unit. In the case of the latter, it is best to place it at around two feet above the topmost slab.
  • As ventilation is connected to the wealth and prosperity of the property owners, Vastu professionals discourage skimping on this part and advise investing in a property with ample sunlight and ventilation.

How to make a property Vastu-compliant?

While it is recommended to check if a property is Vastu-friendly at the time of investment, all is not lost if the owner wishes to make the unit Vastu-compliant after the purchase. Here are some easy ways to improve the Vastu of the property:

  • Light up the house with incense sticks and incorporate natural fragrances in the unit
  • Add a nameplate outside of the property as the main entrance is believed to bring new opportunities to the doorstep
  • Keep the house, windows and doors clean and tidy to help regulate positive energies and financial fortune
  • Place an aquarium in the north or east part of the property. As a large aquarium may be difficult to maintain, experts believe that a small fish bowl would also work
  • As the kitchen is attached to good health, medicines should not be kept here as they indicate illness
  • Avoid mirrors in the bedrooms as they are believed to absorb positivity
  • Grow plants like Tulsi, bamboo, pine and peach in the front or back of the property

As Vastu-compliant properties are gaining popularity, the subject requires professional assistance much like other aspects of real estate such as checking structural integrity and building bye-laws compliance. Thus, it is recommended to seek advice from a Vastu expert before investing in any property.