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Common home selling mistakes you should avoid while site visits

You have successfully marketed your property, have received a few enquiries and after some coordination on the phone, have scheduled a visit from the buyer who wants to see the property. There are several actions that you should take and several that you should not take to conduct a productive property visit. Your goal during the visit should be to make the experience as pleasant and smooth as possible. Let us consider four such instances:

Currently occupied by a tenant

Let us suppose that the property you want to sell is currently occupied by a tenant. In this case, scheduling a visit can be an issue, since generally, tenants will be at work or someplace else during the weekdays, and may have other plans during the weekend. After all, the tenant is not legally obligated to show the property to prospective buyers. Still, take some time to schedule a visit after asking for the consent of the tenant.

It would be advisable that you, the seller, accompany the prospective buyers during the visit as they may have several questions, and the tenant may or may not answer them informatively or accurately. Several buyers are also uncomfortable in viewing a property while it is occupied and may rush through the process. However, try to lead the tour and show all the rooms and mention all the features of the property. Also, it may not be possible to sit down afterwards for further discussion within the property. If that is the case, take the conversation outside.

Currently occupied by you

In case you are currently staying in the property, try to get the property thoroughly cleaned and organised before the visit. Remove personal articles which are lying around the property, including your private pictures and other such items. In such circumstance, scheduling should not be an issue, and you can set the date as per the comfort of the prospective buyers.

Once they visit the property, greet and speak to them politely. Sit them down and explain each and everything about the property, such as its size, configuration, amenities, about the neighbourhood and connectivity. You can then start the tour of your property, and point out where the rooms are located. It would be advisable to not follow them around during the visit and let them explore on their own.

Although you might be emotionally attached to the property, it would be prudent to keep your emotions at bay and treat this circumstance like a regular business transaction. Post the tour, sit the buyers down again and clear all doubts, if they have any.

Previously used by you and currently vacant

If you have lived in the property for a while and the property is now vacant, it would be advisable to have a deep cleaning conducted before the visit. There are also several actions that you can take to improve the attractiveness and increase the value of your property, such as getting it repainted and making sure that all plumbing and electrical fixtures are functional. To read more about how to add value to your property, click here.

Freshly purchased property and currently vacant

Make sure that you get the property thoroughly cleaned before the visit and that no construction or paint materials are lying around in any room of the property. Air the property out by opening all windows and switching on the fans to improve the ventilation, if the property has been shut for a while.

In conclusion, you will find it beneficial to explain each and everything about the property, not repeat a feature again and again, not speak any lies about the property and not rush the buyer into making a decision. Be polite, friendly and keep it civil.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. 99acres does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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