What is super built-up area?


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Super Built up area

Super built-up area includes the built-up area along with the proportionate area of the common facility spaces such as the lobby, lifts shaft, stairs, etc. In some cases, it may also include the common areas such as swimming pool, garden, parks and clubhouse.

When buying a house, an apartment or a villa, it is essential to be aware of the space and legalities that come along with it. Even though a layman would not be well-versed with the technical aspects and real estate terms, it is significant to recognise the difference between carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area. One commonly comes across these terms when purchasing a home, and needs to be aware and possess sufficient knowledge about them as they help in easing the home buying process and any legal hurdles, if they may arise.

While the carpet area is the effective usable area and the actual housing unit that one resides in, most builders, use the super built-up area to come up with the base cost. Although the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act [RERA] mandates developers to charge buyers on the basis of the carpet area, several developers still use the super built-up area to advertise the property. The more the amenities, the higher will be the super built-up area. Thus, one must always make sure to enquire whether the marketed area of the property is the super built-up area or the carpet area.

Calculating super built-up area

The super built-up area, formerly known as the “saleable area”, is roughly 1.4 times of the carpet area, or simply, the carpet area is around 70 to 80 per cent of the super built-up area. The share of carpet area in a super built-up area may vary from project to project and builder to builder.

For example, assuming the carpet area to super built-up area ratio is 75:25, the super built-up area for a known carpet area of 600 sq ft will be -  

Super built-up area = 600 + 25 percent of 600 = 600 + 150 = 750 sq ft

The super built-up area is an important estimate that one should consider before purchasing a property. However, one must always take a notice on the area that the developer is considering for coming at the final cost of the property. In case the cost is finalised as per the super built-up area, one must ask for a fair price analysis basis the carpet area.

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  • sachin July 18, 20185:40 pm

    yeah, we should inquire first about cost based on what type of area from builder. Thumbs up .

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