What is built-up area?


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built -up area

While planning to buy a property, it is imperative to understand the term built-up area as it plays an important role in determining the size and price of a property. 99acres demystifies the term for better understanding.

Built-up area or the plinth area is the gross area of the property. It is the total size of the house including the carpet area, the thickness of the walls, balcony, terrace, ducts and utility area.

Fundamentally, the built-up area is 10-15 percent more than the carpet area of the house. However, it may differ from one project to another.

The formula for computing the built-up area is-

Carpet area/walkable area + Wall area = Built-up area

*Important- The walls that are shared with other units or properties are factored in at 50 percent, whereas other walls of the unit are factored at 100 percent.12345

Let us look at the examples below for easy computation of built-up area.

Case 1- When carpet area and size of the other areas of the unit are known

For example : An apartment that has a carpet area of 850 sq ft and walls and other areas make 150 sq ft then the total built-up area is aggregate sum of the entire area, i.e. 1000 sq ft.

850 + 150 =1000 sq ft

Case 2-Similarly, let us look at the situation when only the built-up area of the property is known, and carpet area is required.

For instance, built-up area is 1000 sq ft, and carpet area is marked as 80 percent. This implies that only 800 sq ft of the area is usable area - 1000*80/100 =800 sq ft. Here, the usable area may include terrace, rooms, balcony, bathrooms and kitchen or any other usable area in the house. Rest of the area which is 200 sq ft is the non-usable area.

On the whole, it is important to know the built-up area of the house when buying a house or flat. Understanding the term well can help you make an informed decision regarding the size and price of the property.


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