Today people often travel owing to higher studies, job training and work. Due to these being short-term projects, most migrants prefer temporary accommodations to stay. Generally, such people do not carry their belongings; instead, they rent an independent house or a Paying Guest (PG) stay. These rental options are easy to accommodate, cost-effective and convenient, which enables a hassle-free living experience. However, as you shift to a new city, you may wonder about the best option for you. While a PG accommodation ensures price competitiveness, there are added restrictions that may turn you off. Whereas independent houses provide flexibility of movement, they might cost more than the former.

Here are a few factors that will help you decide which of the two is best suited for your needs:


One of the most significant advantages of staying in a PG is that they are comparatively inexpensive to rent than independent houses. You share all your expenses and risks with other members; hence, the per head cost is lower. Independent homes, on the other hand, are costlier as they are more spacious. Generally, families prefer them, and bachelors might opt for living in a group so that the overall cost gets divided.

Social security

It is always better for a single tenant to live in a PG as you get social security. Even in case of an emergency, you have people around you to seek help. Moreover, you do not have to engage in household chores, which ensures more time for your studies/job.

Also, PGs are more secure as they are a part of an occupied society building. This is better in view of the post-COVID-19 scenario, as gated societies are focusing more on sanitisation and hygiene facilities and taking all possible measures to curb the Coronavirus spread. On the other hand, tenants have to take care of their security themselves in an independent house.

Ready-made facilities

Most PGs offer facilities such as cable TV, refrigerator and geyser, which means that you need not spend extra on purchasing these items, unlike in an independent house. Some PGs even provide Wi-Fi facilities so that students or working professionals can access the internet for their work. In an independent setup, tenants must bring all the furniture and other facilities, which involves an additional cost.


In today’s fast-paced city life, it is difficult for the younger generation to take out time for household chores. Since they are busy with their studies or part-time jobs, they have no time to spare for other activities. For them, renting a PG can be a better choice since all the necessary facilities, from cleaning the house to the maintenance of switchboards or other electric items, are provided by the owner. The independent house does not offer the luxury of a PG, and in most cases, tenants have to bear the maintenance cost.


Most of the PGs provide breakfast and dinner daily, and the cost is included in the rent itself. This means that the tenants are saved from the hassle of cooking and cleaning. The landlord also provides utensils. Unlike PG, those living in an independent house have two options: either cook themselves or hire a cook. This is added to the monthly expense of the tenants.

Paying bills

You do not have to bother paying electricity, water and internet bills if you stay in a PG. However, tenants have to pay an additional electricity cost for AC rooms. This is not the case with an independent house, where these charges are separate.


One of the drawbacks of living in a PG is the number of restrictions imposed by the landlord on tenants, especially in a girls’ PG. There are restrictions on the entry and exit times. Apart from this, there are also restrictions on inviting friends or family members and organising social gatherings, which is not the case in an independent house. In some PGs, a family member is allowed to stay at an extra cost.

An Independent house has no restrictions since the landlord does not take responsibility for anything. There is no time limit for entering and exiting the property, and you can invite anyone at any time. A social gathering and parent visits are also permitted in an independent house.

The world has been reset amid COVID-19 and its numerous variants. While there are many inexpensive accommodation facilities with the flexibility to move in and out, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding the best option for yourself.