What is an abatement notice ?


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Indian legislature has enacted a set of laws and supplementing rules that address many issues regarding the appearance and upkeep of the property, the acceptable noise levels and various other laws that property owners must abide by. When a property owner violates one of the local laws, the owner will receive an abatement notice.

The purpose of an abatement notice is to inform the property owner about the violation, imply what measure must be taken to correct the offence and notify the property owner about the consequences if the offence is not fixed. For example, in a residential colony, local laws may prevent non-functioning vehicles from being parked on the property. Local laws may also require yards to be kept up and grass and trees to be trimmed on a routine basis. Whereas, in commercial properties, local regulations may address issues regarding the upkeep of the property, noise levels or parking issues. When a property owner is found to violate one of the local laws, the agency responsible for enforcement may issue an abatement notice to the owner of the property. An abatement notice is sent by a registered mail to ensure that the owner receives the notice. The property owner should not ignore an abatement notice, as there are significant consequences if the matter is not rectified on time. 


The abatement notice also informs the property owner what is to be done to fix the violation, as well as indicate how much time the property owner has to correct the violation. The notice further includes instructions on how to appeal the notice of a breach, if in case the owner does not agree with the offence. The notice will also indicate what option the jurisdiction has if the property owner fails to correct the violation, such as repair, demolition or removal depending on the subject of the breach.

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