What is a gated community?


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Gated community

When planning to buy a house, a gated community is worth considering. Not only it offers a safe and secure environment for your family, but also ensures a spree of other benefits. 99acres elaborates on the term and unfurls various advantages of owning a property in a gated community.

In changing scenarios, when the pressure of burgeoning needs and sheer lack of time has limited the social interaction among city dwellers, there is a dire need of residential spaces which not only ensure quality lifestyle but also rekindle the traditional charm of community living. This has paved the way for gated communities, a concept booming in the Indian real estate sector.


Typically, a gated community is a set-up that offers a cohesive social life coupled with quality residential experience. It encompasses various independent residential properties enclosed within a boundary. The facilities offered are dependent on the size of the community. Bigger communities encompass all the facilities important for daily sustenance varying from grocery stores, commercial shops, entertainment areas, play areas, parks, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, to spa centres and community hall. On the contrary, services in small gated communities may restrict to parks and other shared spaces such as small shops.

According to reports, gated communities not only enjoy colossal demand from domestic buyers but also from NRIs, who prefer these residential projects for a plethora of advantages they offer such as:

Safe and secure environment

Gated communities are characterised by a heightened security system that encompasses strictly monitored entrances, CCTV’s, and intercoms to keep a thorough check on all pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles entering and leaving the society. Additionally, security guards are also deployed, ensuring proper record-keeping of all entrants in the community. This relieves residents from the stress of theft and vandals and keeps their family secured and protected.

Comfort and luxury

Gated communities are replete with infrastructure and amenities that add to the comfort and quality of living. Serene environment away from din and dust coupled with open spaces, lush-green belts, and an array of conveniences at a stone throw’s away distance makes life not only more comfortable but also hassle-free. Besides, along with gated communities comes the benefits of solar power heating, treated water facilities and power back-up, which lower the financial burden in the longer run.

Well managed

Gated communities are governed by Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs). These associations form rules and regulations which abide the members of the society. These protocols are created in accordance with all residents for the welfare of the society and dwellers. For instance, there can be a norm related to renting property to tenants. Many societies prefer leasing out property only to married couples or families.

Opportunity for social interaction

If you like to socialise and make new friends, then gated communities are worth considering. With a slew of facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and yoga centre within the realms of the society, gated communities provide a platform for social interaction.

Higher property values

An obvious downside of a gated community is that the ‘ask’ price of these properties is slightly higher than independent properties. As HOA’s have to pay a hefty amount to contractors for the maintenance of roads, the cost of homes increases. However, it is worth because gated communities resist market changes and ensure higher resale value even in low market condition.


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