What is a floor plan?


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floor plan

By definition, a floor plan is a spatial layout of a structure depicting the arrangement of living spaces within it such as the distribution of different rooms, utility area, kitchen and balconies. It provides a big picture of the indoor and outdoor spaces of a property. However, technical details such as annotations and dimensions are not included in the floor plan.

When planning to buy or construct a property, it is imperative to understand how a given space will be divided into rooms, hall, kitchen and other sections of the house. In case of a commercial property, it is crucial to know which area can be used for workstations, how much space can be dedicated to the reception area, and where to demarcate other areas such as break zone, play area, cafeteria, lavatories, fire exit, and stairs for effective utilisation of available space. Thus, a floor plan is created.

An effective floor plan is a scaled graph or a two-dimensional drawing that depicts how the property will look like in real. It shows a relationship between walls, windows, doors, kitchen, balconies, furniture, and other spaces in the property. It may include symbols for electrical wiring and floor finishes; and determines traffic flow in the house. Thus, as a buyer, it is utmost important to have a look at the floor plan of the property as it can act as a significant deciding factor in the home purchase.

A floor plan is typically projected at the floor height of 4 ft (1.2 m), to reveal the interior structure and may include a lot of details such as:

  • Materials used in wall construction
  • Exteriors of the house such as the driveway, garage or garden
  • Types/quality of doors and windows
  • Appliances such as stoves, water heater, refrigerators etc.
  • Interior features such as saunas, fireplaces, and whirlpools

The picture given below will give a better idea of a floor plan -

floor plan


Depending upon the requirement of the buyer/owner, a floor plan can be either two-dimensional or three dimensional. However, one must ensure that the plan created is flexible as it may need multiple rounds of revisions until it is finalised. Thus, an experienced architect is the best person to design a floor plan which utilises the available space most efficiently.


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