The West Bengal government has initiated the construction and repair of around 575 km of rural roads in the State as part of its undertaking, the Pathashree Abhiyan. Roads in North 24-Parganas are the first to get a makeover.

About 575 km of rural roads in West Bengal will go through construction and repair work as part of the Pathashree Abhiyan project, starting with North 24-Parganas. A detailed plan has been formulated to rebuild roads in both panchayat and municipality areas.

Rathin Ghosh, a government spokesperson, has stated that roads and drainage systems in the State have been completely transformed and the coordination between different government departments carrying out development projects has also improved recently. Since 2011, there has been a 244 percent increase in roads.

West Bengal leads among all other States in terms of road connectivity with 3,16,730 km added in the last nine years. The Pathashree Abhiyan project was launched with the aim of rebuilding 12,000 km of rural roads across the State.