Lighting is an essential part of home interiors. Adding light to a home interior enhances the feel and ambience of the space. It can improve the functional areas of the room while adding unique features that make it stand out, especially in large or open spaces like living rooms. In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways to incorporate wall sconces.

Sconces act as an extra light source without taking up space on the floor or a side table. Sconces can be hung as light fixtures to frame, highlight, or as art pieces in any space.

Minimal pairs

Minimalist pairs of wall sconces are the best wall lights for a simple living room decor. The pair of identical wall sconces can be in a rectangular shape or square. They will help you achieve a clean and clutter-free look and highlight your walls. Moreover, the best way to showcase wall sconces is to install them in your living room along with either side of a large-sized painting for lighting on the walls is a great way to draw attention to the art. These lights also create a cosy atmosphere in your home, making it feel warm and inviting.

Vintage styles

If you are a vintage person who loves classic and traditional interiors in their living rooms, then wall sconces are the most accurate way to achieve the goal. You can go with swing arm wall lights, adding an elegantly vintage appeal to your space. Also, to match the colour scheme of your living room, you can choose a classic black or white retro-style swing-arm sconce wall light to highlight your wall mouldings. Moreover, You can either place a pair of these lights or have multiple such wall lights and use them throughout your living area.

Metal wall sconces

A pair of cylindrical metal wall sconce lights on either side of the mirror will surely add sparkle to your interiors and illuminate the space beautifully. However, installing these in your bathrooms is recommended to turn your shower time into a luxurious spa experience. Along with the wall sconces, to match the lighting design, you can also install gold fittings around the room to complete the look. Golden accents accentuate the beauty of any space and lend a luxurious vibe.

Decorative ways

Isn’t decor all about creativity and imagination? The same applies when it comes to wall sconces. You can now create your design statement by installing decorative wall lights in your living room. And by decorative, we mean the exterior of the wall sconces can be decorated in explicit designs like; flower petal-shaped patterns, leaf patterns, waves patterns, etc. These patterned wall lights will illuminate your living area and add an elegant appeal to your interiors. Finally, make sure to keep the rest of the lighting subtle when installing these types of wall lights, for you don’t want to make your room look over-decorated.

Home decor and lighting go hand in hand. The right lighting can completely change the mood of your space, elevating the interiors to near perfection. Therefore, observe your space and design them with wall sconces to create balance and functionality in your room.