In the current situation of COVID-19 when a majority of people are spending time in indoor spaces, having a natural source of good sunlight is the exception rather than the rule. Uniworks Design's Lumos-499 is path-breaking in its approach to solving the problem. The device can harness solar power and can bring in natural sunlight in indoor spaces. At a weight of 450 gms, the product is extremely handy and can be controlled wirelessly. 

Lumos 499_01

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Arun Kumar Chaubey, Co-founder of Uniworks Designs, said, "It's just been 2 weeks since we have launched our product in the market and it would be too early to comment on the response. Honestly speaking it will take more than a month's time for people to give their feedback on it. People who have Lumos installed in their homes will take some time to feel the difference and by next month we will have positive feedback."