Top ten storage tips for small homes


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Here is a list of some handy storage tips you may like to follow if you are struggling with space in a small home.

A small home can feel bigger than it actually is if one knows how to store stuff. Storage in a home, especially in a small apartment, takes as much importance as any other part of the interiors. What is important is that one optimizes the space to its best. Here are some useful tips everyone with a small apartment may like to follow:

Pick the right furniture: Whether it is the beds, the cupboards, the centre tables or the side tables, what is most important in the aspect of smart storage is picking the right furniture. It always helps to have either bunk beds or beds with boxes. While bunk beds will help save on space, beds with boxes will give you the much-needed additional storage space. Likewise, to have several compartments in your cupboards, and having boxes or drawers with your centre and side tables will help storing stuff.

Shelves on walls: This is fairly simple. You can have as many shelves on your room walls as you like. You can do the same for your kitchen and bathrooms. You can use these shelves for keeping important commodities and not just displaying photo frames. These things could include books, medicines, stationary, gifts, etc.

Hooks on walls and doors: Like shelves, you can also utilise your walls by fixing hooks on them. You can use them in multiple ways. From displaying keys and jackets, to hats and scarves. You can do the same with your doors too.

Wall mounting for television: To avoid the extra space a TV cabinet may be taking, it is advisable to hang them on a wall. There are plenty of mounting options available in the market ranging flat-panel TV mounts, title mount, swivel mount and articulating mount. You can also hide the cables using a raceway by routing them through your walls. In case you do not have a wall-hanging TV set, you can at least make sure that your TV cabinet hangs to your wall.

Use of baskets: A simple trick to store could be the use of baskets, which you can easily hide under your beds. This can work in case you do not have box beds. In these baskets, you can store anything you like – from socks and shoes, to metallic tools, and old newspapers and magazines.   

Chose mirrors over dressing tables: If you put full-size mirrors instead of dressing tables in your bedrooms, you will be able to avoid the space the later could occupy. The other benefit of course is that full mirrors also add to the virtual space in a room, making them look bigger than they actually are.

Use the top of cupboards: You can get some extra storage space if you use the top of your cupboards. To avoid the space looking cluttered, you can always use neat, colourful carton boxes or simply the big plastic storage containers to give it a clean look.

Storage items: It is advisable to have as many useful storage products as possible in your home as they always help in saving space. From plate holders to coat hangers, by the virtue of their name as storage products, these help in cutting down any additional storage space. Alternatively, you can also use them in multiple ways. For example, a trash bin can also be used to store old newspapers and magazines.

Utilisation of space: One of the most basic and yet important aspects is to use every bit of your home space you can. For example, if you have a small entrance lobby, you can always keep a shoe shelf or a newspaper rack in it, to both use the space, as well as not give it an empty look.

Compartmentalise: This is easy and useful. Compartmentalise your cupboards and drawers as much as you can. For example, you can use the same drawer for four different kinds of stuff – Handkerchiefs, socks, toiletries and cosmetics could be stored together.

Most of these tips are simple and do it yourself (DIY). All you need is a little bit of time, effort and money, and you can not only make your storage more organised, but also give your small apartment a bigger and a more complete look.

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