The flooring of your house can have a dramatic influence on your home’s overall appeal. Choose a flooring type only after reading about their benefits and drawbacks.

Selecting the perfect type of flooring for your home is no mean task. Today, homeowners are spoilt for choice with the market overflowing with multiple options in terms of material, colours and textures. Every flooring type has a different look and usage. Let us look at some of the popular flooring options:

Wooden flooring: Wooden flooring is increasingly becoming a great attraction for homebuyers. Experts say that wooden flooring often makes the space look bigger which might be helping its appeal. Wooden flooring is available in several patterns such as stripes, chequered and parquet. Wooden floors are easy to clean and can be refinished to make it look like new. Experts advise against mopping wooden floors to maintain it for longer. Wooden flooring is recommended for home with babies and kids as there is lesser chance of them getting hurt.

Wooden floors



Tiled flooring: Tiles have surpassed the use of stone and cemented floors in majority of Indian houses. Their contemporary look is the major reason for their appeal. Tiles are available in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Various options available in the market include rustic tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain and mosaic tiles. Industry experts agree that demand for tiled floors is high India. Today, there are a large number of manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers participating in the sale and purchase of the same. Tiled flooring significantly increases a home’s resale value due to its durability and easy maintenance. Tiled floors are also great for homes with pets. This is one more reason to choose tiles for your home.

Tiled floors



Marble flooring: Marble flooring is one of the most widely used flooring options in the country. While it can be used inside as well as outside, the best areas to use marble flooring are bathrooms, balconies, pathways and dining areas. Marble flooring is available in slabs, blocks and tiles. Green, black and white are the commonly available colours. The cost of marble flooring depends on the colour and design. Though the surface is hard, it can get permanently stained if you spill chemicals or food on it”, says Govind Rathore, Proprietor, GD Interiors. This is a durable product that can last for years but he warns that marble requires a lot of patience and care to retain its original state.

Marbled floors


Concrete floors: Concrete floors are the first choice of those who are passionate about environment as these are eco-friendly. Concrete floors use the least amount of energy than any other type of flooring. A properly maintained concrete floor can last for a very long time. While most people imagine boring, grey floors when they think of concrete flooring, that is not the case anymore. Modern technology makes concrete floors available in a variety of colour and textures.

Concrete floors


While these are the most common types of flooring, there are other options available in the market. Two of the most notable mentions are:

Rubber flooring: Rarely used, rubber floors are a great idea for kids’ rooms or play areas. It is very easy to clean and suitable for high traffic areas. Nowadays, it is available in a wide range of colours. The biggest advantages of rubber flooring is that it is water proof, fire proof, low on maintenance and durable. While rubber flooring is quite resilient, it is still susceptible to water seepage and staining in some cases. Some textured rubber floors can be quite slippery in the presence of water. 

Laminate flooring: One of the most popular flooring types, laminates are a synthetic flooring product with multiple layers fused by a lamination process. The inner layer may be made of melamine resin or fiber board materials. Good quality laminated floors are versatile, durable and easy to clean. The advantages also include easy maintenance and installation. Most manufacturers in India provide a 10 year warranty on the product. “These days laminated flooring is also available with brick pattern as there is a lot of demand for the look of bricks minus the rough texture,” says Shivani Ajmera, co-founder, Quirk Studio. It must be noted that laminate floors are not suitable for high-traffic areas. Mopping is not recommended as laminate floors can warp or swell due to moisture.