Top five interior décor trends to avoid


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outdated or overhyped home decor ideas and trends

There are some décor trends that might be popular but have been done to death. Would you rather adopt a design for your home that is popular but overdone or create your own style statement? lists the top five interior décor trends that are either overhyped or outdated. Greyscale, white furniture and bling are some of the elements that have been repeatedly used and are better avoided.

Décor trends come and go only to come back again, much like fashion trends. However, how do you know which trends to choose for your home and which ones to let go of? While your home should represent your personality, it is good to have some expert guidance to ensure that you do not just follow the herd and end up with a house that screams passé or outdated. Following are the five design trends that experts believe your home can do without:


Most people have a fascination for shiny objects, be it in furniture, colour of the walls or fixtures. Some believe that shiny elements are associated with wealth and glamour. However, more often than not, excessive use of shiny objects in home décor can make your home look tacky. Today’s age is more about subtle elegance and muted sophistication. You do not need shiny artefacts to garner attention especially when they may take draw the focus away from your tasteful décor elements. Rohan Goregaonkar, Director, Creative 7 Design Studio, suggests avoid using bling as much as possible in your interiors. If you really cannot resist glitter, shimmer and shine, try keeping it restrained to accent pieces such as cushion covers to avoid turning your home into a disco.

Bulky multi-purpose cabinets

Most Indians have at least one such piece in their home. One furniture item that holds everything including TV, sound system, crockery, trophies, books and photographs, this trend is still common in India. However, in the age of minimalism, multi-purpose cabinets seems very outdated. Ajay Agarwal, Chairman, Geopreneur Design Studio, agrees that these days sleek is the norm and less is more. Such bulky units take up a lot of space and are hard to clean regularly with all the things we keep stocked up in them. This is one trend that is long past its age.

Shades of grey

Grey and its various tones have taken the design world by storm. This is one trend design experts are seeing everywhere and, in some homes, in everything. While this is a popular trend, Goregaonkar warns that too much of anything can turn even the most beautiful of trends into a tacky fad. Too much of grey will make your home look boring and lifeless. Use grey in moderation and try to break the monotony by using different textures. Grey can be used as an accent colour or to balance an eclectic home.

White furniture

This is one trend that highlights wealth, even more than bling does. However, white furniture, especially white upholstered furniture, looks good only in catalogues or in rich households with staff dedicated to keeping it spotless. In regular and normal homes, white furniture is highly impractical as it will get stained in no time, thanks to kids, pets, pollution and clumsy family members or guests. If you really want to include white furniture, opt for those that are painted white instead of those made with white fabric.

Table and sofa covers

Do you remember the plastic covers that we had on our tables to protect them from spills? What about the frilly and lacy covers on the back of the sofa and the armrests? They belonged to the 90s, and are best left there. Clean furniture is great but use of plastic in home décor as a trend has died long ago. If you still have a cover on your table or sofas, throw them right away. It might be practical but it is outdated and creates a very cheap impression on your guests. Showing off your fabulous furniture is the ‘in thing’ right now. If you want some coverage, go for colourful throws on your light coloured sofas and place mats for the table.

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