Top DIY ways to summer-proof your home


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Summer proofing tips

Planning to revamp your home this summer without burning a hole in your pocket? shares some DIY ideas to beat the heat by summer proofing your home.

With mercury levels rising post Holi, we can feel the sudden change in temperatures. Summers can cause your home to exude heat and create discomfort for the residents. However, there are ways to subside the temperatures by implementing simple hacks at home.

Keeping in mind the rising air pollution, adapting eco-friendly measures has become the need of the hour. Revamping your home in a natural way is a great step towards going green as well as prepping up for the onslaught of the sweltering summer.

Let us have a look at some of the easy ways to summer-proof your home:

Focus on your windows

When it comes to revamping your home for summers, it is imperative to keep a close check on your windows as they let in a lot of heat. This further makes it difficult to bring down the temperatures of your home. To begin with, check whether the window seals aren’t broken or cracked because a slight hole will easily let out the cool air to escape from your home.

According to Rohan Goregaonkar, Creative 7 Design Studio, “The use of sun control film is an effective way to block the heat that can easily penetrate through the windows, especially if you are residing in an apartment that has huge glass walls.”

Tip: To seal the cracks of the window, you can either make use of window rubbers or hatch seals. You can also make use of caulk which is a flexible material used to seal cracks.

Remember to use light colored curtains because these colours help to reflect the sunlight, thereby allowing less heat to pass through the windows. If you do not want to spend money on curtains, using shutters or window blinds is a cost effective way to increase insulation during summers.


Go Green

The best way to incorporate the green quotient in your home is to install green plants. If you have plenty of terrace space, you can try growing a terrace garden that will help you keep your home cool during summers. You can also make use of indoor potted plants. For instance, aloe vera, grape ivy, and lavender can jazz up the hidden corners of your home. Furthermore, you can also make use of window planters by placing them on the ledge. These planters are easy to install and help in humidifying the warm air. 

Tip: If you don’t have a lawn that can be converted into a garden or your home does not have enough space to accommodate indoor plants, the best way is to make use of hanging plants. They occupy minimal space and can be suspended on any corner of your balcony or room.


Furniture is what matters

According to Alok Bhasin, Aalok Bhasin, Delhi-based architect, and interior designer ,“When it comes to furniture try to remove or replace dark coloured furnishings or the ones that have fabrics easily prone to heat. Furthermore, avoid using heavy artifacts and dark colored artwork.” You can also use summery prints for your cushion or bed covers to give your room a cooling effect.

Tip: Leather sofa, if exposed to sunlight can easily fade away resulting in cracks. If you cannot replace it, the best alternative would be by using slipcovers of lighter shades. Slipovers are protective covers used for covering the furniture and can be removed during change of season.


Re-colour your home

Can the home colour actually affect the temperature inside? Well, this is true to some extent. Avoid using darker shades as they can easily absorb heat. On the contrary, make use of light colours as they are good reflectors of light, thereby keeping your home temperature low. Also, try using light and subtle colours. For instance, blue, pink and white are the best-suited colours for summers. Using lighter shades will make your room look bright and spacious.


Re-check the room fans

Do you know your ceiling fan need to be adjusted seasonally? It is always advisable to set the fan in clockwise direction in summers as it helps in creating a wind chill effect. Check whether your fans are functioning properly and replace them in case you feel it needs to be changed.

Tip: If you want to save the electricity bill, try installing whole house fans. The whole house fan pulls in the warm air from open windows and exudes the air through the roof which helps in providing good ventilation. This helps in keeping your house cool during summers.


Switch to LED bulb

LED bulbs emit less heat as compared to incandescent lights. These bulbs help in preventing heat build-up, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning. This cost-effective light will help in keeping your home cool during summer.

Depending on the area you are residing, there might be a slight variation in the temperature during summers. Due to the rising mercury level every year, our dependency on air conditioners and other cooling units is gradually increasing.


Following these simple ideas can help save your electricity bill and overcome the effect of heat during soaring temperatures in summers.


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