Top 7 sustainable living ideas for your home


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sustainable homes

The need for sustainable living is alarming today with the carbon emissions from homes increasing day by day leading to climate change, global warming and ozone layer depletion which not only impacts the environment but your home as well. 99acres enlists simple yet effective steps to make your home sustainable.

The concept of sustainable living has gained popularity in India with many developers incorporating green measures at the construction stage. However, the home buyers are not far behind in implementing sustainable ideas in their homes. The quote by Yvon Chouinard, “going back to simple life is not a back step” holds true for the present day as it is the need of the hour with rising carbon emissions disturbing our daily living.

Rohan Agarwal, Managing Director, Geopreneur Group, avers, “In simple words, ‘Sustainable Living’ is using those products more that can be recycled so that it will help the environmental issues of our society.” It is essential as resources that mother earth has to offer are limited and the consumption of the same is not. For our environment to sustain, it is the need of the hour that all of us do our bit, he adds.

Need for sustainable materials

Since these materials are post-consumer based and recycled, it contributes to decrease the amount of industrial waste. It also helps us protect our natural resources, adds Agarwal.

The absence of chemicals used in the materials helps to increase the level of air quality inside the building. Sustainable materials tend to be more resistant to germs, bacteria etc. Thus, it provides a healthy air quality and atmosphere inside the building.

Since these materials resist bacteria germs, scratches, and dents, they require fewer repairs and save our money in the long run. In green buildings, where plants are kept on the top floor or terrace, it will help the air cleaning process, provide an improved air quality and boost the overall quality of life.

How to achieve sustainability?

If you plan to start practicing sustainable living, here are seven easy suggestions:

  1. Compost is a solution: Use vegetable waste, eggs and animal hair to make compost, which will help your garden soil in organic farming and help you in saving some money too.
  2. Use lights that will consume less energy: Use sunlight as much as you can or use LED lights that save more energy as compared to standard lights used earlier.
  3. Use rain: Rain is healthier than your usual drinking water as it is not treated with any chemicals. Use rain water harvesting which will justify the ‘Save water’ initiative and save you some money too.
  4. Old is gold: Get creative and use your old furniture. Refurbish it and create your own redesigned furniture. Save time, money and materials.
  5. Use natural cleaning products: Stay away from chemical-based cleaning products which can be harmful to your health. Use home-based cleaning products such as baking soda, lemon, and white vinegar which will not be harmful to your health.
  6. Use natural sunlight: Deploy a solar water heater and become environment-friendly. With a long life, solar heater also has a backup of electricity so that it will not be restricted only when the sun is around.
  7. Shut off your high energy appliances: Insulate your home’s floor, ceiling, and walls so that it will keep your home cold in summer and warm in winter. It will also help in reducing the use of electrical appliances which are used for the soothing environment at home. 
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