Top 10 New Year resolutions to make your house safer


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Give your loved ones the gift of security through these 10 New Year resolutions for upping the safety quotient of your home.

It goes without saying that we prioritise the well-being of our loved ones above everything else. So why is it that we have a laid-back attitude when it comes to ensuring their safety at homes? While we insist on the best quality wood for the dining table, electric fittings or the technologically advanced TV, we cut corners when it comes to upping the safety at our homes. It’s time we changed our old ways, and what perfect occasion to turn a new leaf than the New Year? Ring in 2017 with these 10 essential safety resolutions and give the issue of home safety more than just a fleeting thought.

1) I will ensure a well-lit surrounding

While it’s true that instances of break-ins and robberies have increased significantly as crime statistics prove, it is also true that burglary is one of the easiest crimes to deter. And one of the best deterrents is ensuring optimal light. Thieves seek the cover of darkness to perpetrate criminal acts and also to escape detection. Installing lights around the house puts them under the risk of being spotted. So ensure that your house and your surroundings are well lit.

2) I will get to know my neighbours better

We don’t get to choose our neighbours; some may be kind and the others may be pesky! Remember a near neighbour is better than a distant cousin. Neighbours can be of great help especially if you have to be away from home for a long time. Ask a trustworthy neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you are away. In your absence, they can look out for any suspicious activity and alert the authorities. If you have young ones or senior citizens at home, neighbours can also watch out for their safety. Team up with them and conduct mock drills to test your preparedness during emergencies.

3) I will secure my windows  

Windows are one of the weakest points to gain entry into the house apart from the main door. Reinforce your windows with metal grills to prevent break in. If you are not too keen on grills, burglar proof your windows by using tempered or laminated glass. Install locks on sliding windows and for added safety, place a long metal rod inside the tracks to prevent thieves from forcing it open from the outside.

4) I will protect my house with security systems

Get smarter with security systems like video door phones, burglar alarms and motion sensors. A video door phone eliminates the need to open the door, thus preventing unwanted people from entering the house. CCTV footage of your home and surroundings can be viewed on your smart phone. These systems are also very easy-to-use and can be armed or disarmed using a smart phone.

5) I will make my home safer for the children and the elderly

The young and the elderly make for easy targets for burglars as they are easy to overpower; ensuring their safety is therefore of utmost importance. Installing video door phones, burglar alarm systems and motion sensors are a must if you have aged parents and children at home. Wearable safety devices like pendants with distress buttons for the elderly and the children are particularly effective when it comes to alerting the authorities.

6) I will beat the burglar at his own game

Deception is not just for the burglars; even you can indulge in some tricks to protect your house. Last thing a burglar wants is breaking into a house full of people. So install timers that can switch on the lights in the house after a predetermined time. Record conversations of your family members and play it on loop while you are away. Divert your calls, suspend magazine subscriptions and direct parcels to your neighbour’s house while you are away. Additionally, tell your neighbours to collect bills, flyers and anything that gives crooks the impression that the house is empty.

7) I will clear the shrub cover around my house

A burglar is more likely to target houses that may have thick vegetation around so that he can obscure his movements. Do a thorough recce of your surroundings and trim the overgrown vegetation, especially if it obscures the visibility of your doors and windows. Branches of trees can serve as ladders for burglars to gain access to windows on higher floors; so trim them regularly.

8) I will be creative in hiding my valuables

It’s not wise to keep too many valuables at home; but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Seasoned burglars are aware of common places in the house where people hide their valuables. So get creative and pick unconventional places like door frames or under stair boards. Better still, invest in lockers with double-walled construction and foolproof locking systems to store valuables. Many of these smart safes are equipped with auto-freeze functions which freezes the safe after consecutive failed attempts to open them.

9) I will not post about my whereabouts on social media platforms

Some criminals spend weeks tailing potential victims, waiting for the right moment to strike. Tech-savvy crooks may even track your activities on social networking sites. So avoid giving away any crucial information about your whereabouts on social media platforms.

10) I will insist on quality deadbolts and locks to secure my home

When it comes to choosing hardware for your home, choose only the best. Insist on safety certifications when it comes to deadbolts and locks; this assures that the products are made with the best material and assembled keeping the quality standards in mind.  Opt for the best even if you have to shell out some extra money. Remember, no price is too high for safety.

These crucial steps go a long way in assuring safety for your home and your loved ones. So stick to them and look forward to a safe and secure 2017.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are solely of the author and may not represent's opinions on the subject. does not take responsibility for any actions taken based on the information shared by the author.

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