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Whether you are planning to build your home from scratch on a plot of land or want to carry out extensive renovations, hiring an efficient architect will make the process less worrisome and give you the desired results.

Would you be willing to entrust your home, probably the most prized possession to any random person who calls himself an architect? While his sketches and designs might be top notch, does it ensure that the house will be safe and of good quality in reality? Choosing the right architect for your home is not an easy task as it will involve a lot of research and smart thinking. offers the following tips to help you choose the right architect:

Define your needs

An architect’s job involves providing expertise regarding construction strategy, schematic design, supervising the actual process, building codes etc. However, not all architects provide all the services and not all will have experience in your particular kind of project. For instance, some architects only deal with renovations, while others only work on commercial projects. Define your requirements, budget, and the expected timeline as it will help you select the best person for the job.

Check the credentials

Architects are certified professionals who have undergone formal training and have licenses. Mehaa Seth Marwah, Co-Founder,, advises that before choosing an architect, check their credentials, including their qualifications, license, certifications, awards, and affiliations to any recognised body such as the Indian Institute of Architects or Council of Architecture.

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Knowledge of local rules

Building a house needs permissions from government agencies and civic bodies. An architect can usually help in acquiring these permissions but remember to find out if he has sufficient knowledge about local construction norms. A good architect will know about rules prevailing in your area about commercial and residential norms, setbacks, constructions materials, energy efficiency, and building byelaws. Unless your project complies with all the concerned rules, you will not be able to get it approved by the authorities.

Check their track record

Ask architects to provide references to their previous projects and do get in touch with their previous clients for feedback. Prior clients can be a valuable resource in your search for the right architect. Amit Gavankar, Founder, Design Bureau, suggests “Ask them about their experience with the particular architect and his team. Find out what kind of issues they faced while dealing with the architect, if they were satisfied with the quality delivered, and if his advice was worth the charges."

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Discuss the services offered

Some architects only offer design services while others offer a complete package that involves overseeing the entire construction process. Most architecture firms these days have their own contractors and specialist teams. Marwah advises, “Ensure that the architect is able to both design and connect with vendors such as contractors for project completion.” If you need help with navigating government approvals and procedures, be sure to discuss it beforehand too.

Check the rates

Budget is also an important consideration while choosing an architect. Discuss the rates being demanded by a particular architect and the basis for the same. Find out exactly which services will you be paying for and which will cost extra. Always consult several architects to find out who is better suited to your needs and budget. Remember a good architect will cost more than an average one but never base your choice primarily on the rates asked. 

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