High-tech makeover tips for your home


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As smart home technology becomes more affordable and easy to operate, there are some really great options to offer a high-tech makeover to your home.

Your home is the focus of your life, where you spend the majority of your time. It’s therefore important, that changes in the way our homes work compliment their essential function as a place to live. 

Smart systems will progressively play an important role in supporting how homes function. They not only augment efficiency of the house but also make it more secure. Smart technology has been of prime importance for premium homeowners. Affluent individuals have always been early adopters of the latest domestic and commercial devices and services owing to their high cost. However, with the passage of time, cost of smart technologies have subdued making them easily affordable for mid-income segment too.

Here are a few really great options available to give your home a high-tech makeover.

Home smart is an artificial intelligence and IoT based Smart System for home, office and campus automation. Uniqueness of this solution is high reliability, low costs, small form factor and simplicity despite being based on state-of-the-art technology giving top-of-the-line features. Deployment is easy with overlaying on existing conventional electrical infrastructure and can be managed even by regular electrical contractors. This eliminates the need for extensive additional wiring and specialised manpower directly reducing material requirements and costs, improving maintainability and increasing speed of deployment especially in large projects. Being energy, material, and space-efficient it inherently supports sustainability by design itself.

Aqua smart-Intelligent, Automated Water Management a revolution in smart water management solution for homes. AQUASMART is an intelligent system that provides you optimal solutions for issues like water overflow, Tank empty and other water-related problems that one may face on your property on a daily basis. AQUASMART is an innovative product that is of great help in managing water usage and controlling wastage of water while filling water tanks. This system also controls wastage of power as automatically controls the filling of the water tanks by controlling On/Off of the attached water pumps.

Make everything smart with plug smart-Plug Smart is a compact and retrofit IoT device that allows you to monitor and control your home’s electronic appliances from anywhere. The smartphone application lets you turn appliances ON & OFF, set schedules from across the world. The thermal sensors does not allow the appliance to overheat and alerts you about it. The best part is, it’s easy to install, portable and cloud operated, just plug in and automate!

Benefits of smart home technology

Trims energy bills

If making your home a bit "greener" is important to you, consider it one of the top benefits of smart home systems. Smart thermostats and smart lighting can help you use energy more efficiently by automatically adjusting or switching off when there is no one in that part of the home. Smart systems can help you avoid leaving lights on in the garage overnight, or running the air conditioning in an empty house. By using less power, you will benefit by reducing your monthly energy costs.

Makes home awesome

When listing the benefits of a smart home system, how could you not address the cool factor? We now have the ability to control home appliances and systems with our voices and movements, and as the technology becomes more intuitive, it can anticipate and react to our patterns and preferences.

The best part about smart home technology is that you don't have to make a huge investment to get it you can integrate several devices a little at a time.


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