The latest trends in door hardware and accessories


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Anagha Dandekar, Founder and Creative Director, Hardware Renaissance shares the latest trends in door hardware and accessories which are gaining popularity among the homebuyers.

As with all home fittings, we see trends in door hardware and accessories. The rise of social media has made it so easy to keep up with all the latest trends -- I love browsing ideas and images on my Facebook and my Instagram, just like every design aficionado out there!

As a general rule, it is always advisable to avoid short-term fads when choosing the basic fittings in your home – the ones you will not want to replace frequently. Not only can this be expensive, but also very disruptive to normal life in the home! Under this, flooring, doors and door handles can be included. You want to go with the best quality and look that you can afford, which will last you for a long time. Accessories, on the other hand, are perfect for changing out as trends change, and you can have fun with freshening up the look of your home with new carpets, draperies, and drawer pulls!

For some years now, customer tastes have been veering away from fussy, ornate fittings to more contemporary designs. Our lifestyles are not old-fashioned, and we want our homes to reflect that. Elegance and luxury are re-interpreted for today’s lifestyles – and this shows in our choice of furniture, lighting, and most definitely in hardware.

The biggest trend is the focus on texture and finish – more organic and hand crafted. High end, discerning customers want something extra – unusual details and organic elements. The natural variations in real stone, wood, hand spun silk or linen – all of these elements are finding their way in higher end hardware and home fittings. There seems to be a push-back from overly machined and polished, mass produced products as customers are looking for greater authenticity in their choices.

Bespoke fittings have also been trending. When you can get exactly what you want, that is the perfect match for your specific home and your look, why not? Customized hardware has not been easy to get for most customers, as most mass produced hardware will need a large quantity and a long time to make anything custom. However, it is slowly but surely making its move into the market.

Also trending are the warm natural finishes such as antique brass or burnished gold tones. The era of everything stainless steel seems to be on its way out, after many years! I personally love more natural tones and textures in my home, as compared to cold, machine finishes.

Whatever your taste, the best plan is to balance classic design in your basic pieces and fittings, with some on-trend accessories for fun and a change!

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