Streamline your cooking area with modular kitchens


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Aditya Vora, Director, Adytum Designs, offers suggestions to create a modern cooking area with modular kitchen layout and design elements.

Indian kitchens are full of delightful and spicy food, healthy servings, and recipes handed down over generations. For such a hearty kitchen, one needs to have an efficient and well thought-out kitchen design and décor. Designing a kitchen in a manner that prevents you from losing space or enables you to be more sociable can help avoid the unnecessary stress. Ergonomically designed kitchens streamline our actions around the kitchen and decrease the stress on the body while executing everyday kitchen chores, thwarting numerous troubles which are a resultant of poorly designed kitchens. Some of the efficient and popular modular kitchen designs are:

  • Parallel kitchen: The parallel shaped modular kitchen divides the kitchen area with 2 parallel counters. This makes living in a smaller home, more functional, with easy access to both sides. The parallel kitchen design is a very smartly thought idea of making space utility complete. On must make sure there is a minimum of 4 feet space between the parallel counters for better functioning in between.
  • Island kitchen: Island kitchens are a quite popular trend these days among modern homemakers. Especially useful in kitchens with open floor plans, island counters can facilitate easy dialogue between the kitchen and the living room, the cook and the guests. An island kitchen is the perfect place to balance congregation and separation, ensuring that hosts can cook and clean without missing out on socializing with the guests. Such kitchens can also be a great place for kids to do their homework under the parents' watchful eyes. The island kitchen not only aids you functionally, but also adds an appealing charisma that can change the whole appearance of your kitchen for the better.
  • Contoured kitchens: According to your available space and requirements, it is better to provide a suitable and alluring outline to your kitchen. One can try an L-shaped kitchen, galley or a one-wall kitchen; U shaped kitchen or even a two-wall kitchen, adding up an inland slab for that extra work or even letting it be a snack center. Contouring your kitchen area can ensure an efficient work segment.

Once you have selected the shape for your kitchen you must also think about other elements to turn your kitchen into a modern work area:

  • A modular kitchen design is incomplete without appropriate use of color elements. This can have an inspiring visual impact on the users of the area, giving a vivacity to your kitchen design. Well-thought out color coordination can make cooking an enjoyable experience rather than a mundane and tiring task.
  • Lighting up your inner cabinets as well as corners is another great idea. A modular kitchen design seems incomplete without adequate illumination inside the cabinets. Install a good of lighting system inside all the overhead cabinets, corners, walls for a grand and sophisticated ambience.
  • Eliminate shadows with well-organized and planned lighting on the ceiling. Dim lighting in the kitchen can overstress your eyes. You can try a false ceiling for installing overhead lighting.
  • Materials for counter top are also an important consideration. You can choose to embellish your kitchen with counter tops made of stone, glass, steel or wood. Choose quality material for a dignified appearance as well as durability. Modern counter tops help enhance functionality of the kitchen while filling the area with class and elegance.


Author's note: Aditya Vora has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Mumbai and a master’s degree from the University of Colorado, USA. He established Adytum Designs in 2005, with a belief that, “If life is a journey, make livable architecture your destination”. The company has rendered professional services to more than 250 projects around the world and has a portfolio of over 16400 acres of master-planning and 14.6 million sq ft of architectural design development.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are solely of the author and may not represent's opinions on the subject. does not take responsibility for any actions taken based on the information shared by the author.

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