Smart home technologies fast gaining prominence


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Voice-activated technology, wearable devices, smart appliances and home robots are some of the smart home technologies that are fast catching up in the home automation sector.  

Today we are living in a “connected world” wherein everything around us is getting smarter – there are smart watches, smart phones, smart beds, smart lightings and so on. As a result, everything ranging from our daily activities to how we do business - including how we sell, communicate, collaborate, train, and educate, is being transformed. Given this, it is only logical to envision a future in which “smart homes” is a reality for the common man.

The Age of Homes with an IQ

Fifteen years ago, a porch light timer might have been referred to as smart home technology. Today, it is possible for a football enthusiast to link a light or fan to her favorite football team, so that every time a goal is scored, the connected light blinks once and serves as a notification. Effectively, a player putting a ball in the net in another continent makes your bedroom’s light blink in real-time.

A ‘smart home’ is not just a home equipped with network-connected products, but is a comforting space in which an individual or a group of people can make appliances around them suit their specific daily needs. A smart home not only ensures increased home safety and security, better resource management and cost-efficiency, but also focuses on providing enhanced user-experience by automating all time-bound activities.

It enables you to have the convenience and comfort you desire in your home by making sure that there are no wasted trips to see what was turned off or not, or running through the house to operate the appliances. In fact, it controls, automates, and optimises functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety or entertainment, either remotely or by a phone, tablet, computer or a separate system within the home itself.

Emerging technologies in home automation industry

Voice-activated technology, wearable devices, smart appliances and home robots are some of the trends that are continuously being talked about.

One such technology, BLE- leveraging BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is being leveraged to create indoor localisation. This implies that soon your smart home will know when you arrive at your door strep and will turn on the lights for your welcome automatically. The systems now utilises the power of cloud computing to find patterns in use of smart home devices. We can now find patterns and the system can learn a lot about how you use the appliances.

Today, there are a number of start-ups as well as large enterprises that are heavily investing in the home automation space – all of whom provide a range of products employing a wide spectrum of technologies. While most of them are based in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and other metropolitan cities, their customer base spreads across pan India.

Over time, we have learned that consumers are slowly and cautiously dipping their toes in the IoT (Internet of Things) pool, and the motivation to buy or test this technology converges around four main reasons – savings, safety, convenience, and control.

To conclude, we are in the midst of a technological golden age, wherein technology is not only influencing our quality of life, but also the way we act and interact with each other. Given this, the time has come to let technology take over the mechanical tasks from our daily lives, leaving us with plenty of time and mind space to indulge in higher order activities and more strategic chores at hand.  

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