Smart devices trigger demand for smart home security systems


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The widespread use of smart devices in India has fuelled the need for new and advanced home security solutions which allow home owners to monitor their homes 24x7.

The popularity of smartphones and growing digitalization has led to an increasing number of appliances becoming ‘smarter’ in our homes today. The trend has also spawned a new generation of home security solutions which enable home owners to access their homes remotely through smart devices.

Home owners are linking CCTV video feeds over the internet to their smartphones so as to monitor their homes, offices, or warehouses from a remote location. The digital trend is fast catching up across India – both in urban areas and in rural regions.

People with second homes, farmhouses or properties in other locations, working couples, or those travelling on work or for leisure, can leave without fretting over the safety of their residences. Thanks to the smart home security systems, they can keep a close watch 24x7 through their smartphones.

The rapid roll-out of 4G networks has accelerated the integration of smart devices with home security systems. Increase in bandwidth has also improved the quality of images and other data available on mobile.

Several new trends have emerged in home security solutions as a consequence of the rapid expansion of smart devices.

Video monitoring: Unlike in large commercial or other institutional undertakings, it is a challenge to have 24x7 monitoring of homes by security guards. home owners are overcoming the challenge through video monitoring. 

The video feeds are transmitted through a router to pre-specified smart devices enabling home owners to monitor their homes from any place that has internet access.

Smartphone notification: Unlike large commercial establishments or public buildings, video feeds cannot be monitored round-the-clock by individuals. Technology again offers the solution. Smartphone notifications alert home owners in case of suspicious activity while they are away.

Notifications even alert home owners in case the battery needs to be replaced or in the event of power disruption, which facilitates round-the-clock monitoring. 

Home automation: Though at a pretty nascent stage in India, home automation is fast catching up, especially because of the snob value attached to it. New age technology allows home owners to link lighting, heating, air conditioning and security through their smart devices.

Customisable settings: Advanced home security systems come with scheduling features which allow home owners to programme the camera to turn on or off, detect motion, and/or send alerts at specified times.

Location-based automation: Appliances like the air-conditioner, the washing machine, or the microwave oven are switched on/off using the real-time location of your smartphones. The feature switches on certain devices and switches them off automatically.

With the increase in smartphone penetration in India, the demand for smart home security solutions is set to increase exponentially.

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