Simple ways to prepare your home for summer


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Summer proofing tips

Summers have arrived, and it is time to embrace the dull, hazy days of summer with a few simple chores that, done efficiently will make your summer's fresh, and give a leisurely breeze.

Summer season is here and as the temperature rises, we need to make adjustments for our home so that it stays safe and cool. It is that time of the year when you need to provide your home with some much-needed refurbishing. Some parts of the house are moderately used and cannot be fixed during the winter season hence, it is essential to give them some spruce. Simple and inexpensive steps can encourage you to save both energy and money during the warm summer and spring months. Below we list useful tips to get your home ready for summers.

Inspect your air conditioner - Staying comfortable when it is humid outside is a necessity. A broken air-conditioning unit on a hot summer day definitely ruins a day, so it is essential to keep it running smoothly by servicing it. Consider changing the filter every three months, flush out drain lines with some bleach and ensure that the outdoor unit has room to breathe.

Have subtle paints - Summer is the best season for painting your house and can make your house look fresh and cosy. Preventative touch up jobs can save a lot of money that you would have to spend on repairs otherwise. Another smart idea is to consider pressure washing the exterior walls before you paint, to remove dirt and stains that paint cannot hide.

Change ceiling fan blades – Many ceiling fans have a switch that adjusts the direction in which the blades turn. It is essential to know that the blades are spinning counterclockwise and forcing air down, rather than up. A ceiling fan is designed to rotate differently depending on the season. In winter months, it should turn clockwise to help distribute heat that has risen. In the summer season, it is preferable to run the fan counter-clockwise at higher speeds to get a breeze flowing.

Check for ventilation breaks- If your clothes come out of the dryer damp and stale lately, it is likely because the vent is clogged with lint that not only wastes energy but also poses a significant fire risk. It is advisable to purchase a vent-cleaning kit. It’s flexible rod and brush attaches to your drill and extracts a mass of lint in no time. An air conditioner might be functioning efficiently, but if there are leaks in your home, it becomes a waste as the perfectly cooled air slowly leaks out. Hence, it is essential to have adequate ventilation.

Pest control- Summer months also mean pesky summer insects that invade our home. Areas of the house should be properly sealed, and there is a need to check on the leaks and the caulking around your windows and doors. In case of any gaps, fixing them with new weather stripping and caulking is essential. One can also spray your outdoors with a pesticide, along with sinks, baseboards, windows, and doors.

Repot houseplants - Since we inspect every element in our home, we should not neglect the greenery in our property. Plants not only add beauty to the decor but also brings freshness to the atmosphere.  Giving houseplants a fresh potting mix in spring when they are actively growing is necessary. Separate the rotten pieces and replace them with fresh and fertile potting mix. If the leaves are turning pale from direct sunlight, try shifting them to a slightly more sheltered place.

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