A home is much more than a set of concretes. Irrespective of whether we live in an apartment or a standalone house, the idea is to own an abode that provides us with a shelter and a sense of security. In fact, concerns pertaining to security and surveillance are of paramount importance in the domain of real estate. Both developers, as well as residents, are increasingly focusing on state-of-the-art home security systems. Instead of just installing cameras here and there, the need is to equip any premise with an integrated security solution. When it comes to large residential buildings or condominiums, there are additional security concerns.

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has also played a big role in determining the security needs and selecting the right tool for the purpose. The evolving trend in the domain of security and surveillance suggest an increased reliance on tech-powered innovations.

Securing the entrance of any premise is of utmost significance. While standalone homes are also inclining towards smart entry systems, the trend is more prominent in residential societies housing hundreds of individuals. The footfall in such establishments is high and random in nature, ranging from laundrymen to car cleaners and delivery executives to visitors, among others. Therefore, safeguarding the entrances was always an uphill task for the developers, the RWAs and the AOAs.

Thanks to the advancements in the segment, they have of late been installing high-quality boom barriers, tripods or flap barriers, corresponding to the requirement. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, there has been a shift towards contact-less solutions. To meet the requirement, recently introduced UHFID tag-powered entry systems wherein a boom barrier comes with a scanner to read UHF cards pasted on vehicles. It reads from a distance of 15-20 metres and allows smooth passage to equipped vehicles.

Another striking innovation in this regard is a rapid temperature assessment solution. Herein, a tripod or a flap barrier – passage systems for pedestrians – has an integrated temperature ascertaining system. It allows a person to pass through only when one’s body temperature is in the permissible limit. There has been a spurt in demands for such integrated systems.

Apart from entrance solutions, there is also a surge in devices such as IP multi-apartment system. When we talk with regard to apartments, these devices establish a full-fledged indoor communication system for each flat. From the main entrance of a society to the lift and the main door of a flat, it’s all connected and gives the residents the leisure to take full control of who can go in or out, with minimal physical effort. This assumes even more significance for high-end societies that usually house just one flat on each floor.

Another manifestation of the increased concerns towards security and surveillance is the increase in demand for CCTV cameras. Leading companies are offering a wide range of devices, including 8 megapixel CCTV cameras. The massive range of CCTV security and surveillance cameras further include IP-powered cams and those with night vision or coloured night vision. There are CCTV cameras that can be controlled with the help of our mobile phones. To serve the purpose more effectively, some of these cameras, when connected with mobile phones, come with a three-level alert system – SMS, Email and Push Notification. Among the available options, the wireless ones have been the most in-demand.

Different home security systems encompass different elements. While some might want simple surveillance cameras, a few might opt for smarter solutions such as integrated motion or intrusion alarms. A major purpose of getting an integrated, comprehensive security solution in place is to pose a strong deterrent to burglars and other criminals. And if a few research-based studies are to be believed, the miscreants and offenders intentionally avoid properties with visible security systems. Remember, it’s not just about deterring the prospective burglar, having a smart security system in place is also about having evidence of break-ins and vandalisms if they do occur.