After lunch, most office places are usually shrouded with a cloud of dullness – workers feel lazy and look tired and pallid. While many may put the blame on heavy lunches and lack of sleep, one of the major factors behind this drowsiness is the office environment.

The misconception that offices have to be devoid of personality and uninspired to be ‘formal’ is costing the company in more ways than they can imagine. Offices with generic styling along with their bland themes are not good for either the workers or the company’s image. These offices are not invigorating, refreshing or restorative and do not promote any kind of growth. They rather inhibit it.

However, contrary to popular belief, quirky offices with colours splashed here and there and modern furniture are a better bet to increase working potential and employer happiness. And, happy employees are 12 percent more productive than the rest. Multiple psychological studies support this fact too!

Colour and design are stimulating and keep the worker from getting bored. Happy employees have a direct relation to bright colour and vibrant office decor. This is because colours, apart from being a visual stimulant are also helpful in setting the mood of the room. Some bright colours which otherwise wouldn’t be welcomed in an office can actually subconsciously motivate people to work harder and better. A finely designed office with individualistic styling can save up to nearly 4.3 hours a week, which are usually lost because of the employee’s procrastination and laziness. Use of unconventional and quirky colours has proven to maximize work productivity by a whopping 50 percent.

Today, many companies understand that the colour of their office has a huge impact on the overall mood, productivity and motivation of their employees. Even big firms are also employing principles of colour therapy in the offices to yield the best from their workforce. But to bring about a solid difference in the capacity levels of the office, changing the colours of the walls and hanging a few tasteful pictures here and there isn’t enough. Office furniture too, is a major key factor affecting the efficiency of an employee.

A completely furnished and well designed office, in terms of its furniture design, plays an essential role in employee growth and productivity. Furniture is something which makes a room stand out. Apart from accommodating the office personnel, furniture sets the ambiance of the room, offers an aesthetic and enhances the natural floor plan. Yet, furniture in offices is grossly overlooked and reduced to the same kind of ergonomic chairs and desks everywhere.

Incorporation of hued chairs and tables with other creative furnishing pieces can perk up the office making it more pleasant for the workers. Seating and desking systems which provide comfort, allow for collaboration and give optimum support are game-

changers. Studies have found that employees’ productivity can be increased by 17.5 percent just by simply providing them with the right chair and desks. While numerous surveys have also shown that 30 percent of people feel more productive in an office that is empowered with modern furniture and design.

It is eminent for business owners to pay attention to the interiors of the workplace. Changing things like colour scheme, furniture and adding personal touches here and there will make a big difference in the daily output of each worker, not to mention their overall morale.