The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world that we knew earlier. Nothing has indeed remained the same, including our homes. These days, our homes not only act as a place of residence but also as our office from where we virtually interact with the whole of our social circle.

Post the outburst of COVID-19 in India; we are witnessing an overhaul in the way people approach things that are related to their living spaces. The way people decorate their interiors has changed immensely. Given the priority for hygiene and cleanliness inside the premises, products that are eco-friendly in nature are gaining much prominence. Things are set to change in the home design space by a massive degree.

In the post-COVID-19 era, we will have spaces that are not just clean, but also free from any sort of unhygienic element. For this purpose, we might observe a paradigm shift in the mindset of consumers who will eventually prefer greener products. Taking cognisance of the changed mindset, eco-friendly products are going to be high in demand in the coming years. House plants are already a hit when it comes to planning modern urban décor. We predict that an increased emphasis shall be laid on incorporating plants in the home interiors. Since COVID-19 is an air-borne disease, people would want to brim their homes with as much green and safe decor products as they can.

Another way one can adopt an eco-friendlier approach is through re-purposing their home decor items. Something as simple as moving the furniture around or giving them a dash of new colour can add newness to one’s living space. Re-purposing, as a concept, is garnering immense attention nowadays. The companies are using eco-friendly ingredients and recycling materials to ensure that they give their clients a home which has a sustainable hue.

Working from home has virtually opened up our homes to everyone we are interacting with on a day-to-day basis. Homes are no longer confined to be spaces that are merely meant for close friends or family. This, in turn, means that people are likely to spend more time, money, and energy in curating the right mix of elements that would sync well with their desirable self-image to decorate their homes. There has been and will be an increased amount of investment in the office furniture segment.  As the majority of companies have made work-from-home mandatory for at least further 3-4 months, we do not see the market losing its appeal any time soon.

As we find our way around the new normal, one thing which would be constant is our tendency to seek safe refuge in our homes. The starting point for this has always been and will always be a clean and clutter-free environment. Take out five minutes a day and start by throwing away the things that you do not need/use anymore. Try and keep your home as clutter-free as possible, and you will see an immediate uplift in your mood. Going ahead, minimalism shall be the new mantra!