On the back of the steady rise of economic development in the city and attractive schemes being advertised by builders, many homebuyers are preferring Ghaziabad as a lucrative real estate investment. If you too are planning to buy a residential property in the metropolitan, you must be aware of the additional expenses that you may have to bear it. Out of all other miscellaneous expenses, two types of charges attached to all kinds of properties include stamp duty and registration charges. These charges are payable to the Government for registering a property under your name. Making payment of stamp duty and registration charges help protect your property against any legal disputes in the future.

What are the Stamp Duty charges in Ghaziabad?

In simple terms, stamp duty is a form of tax that is levied on the real estate property transactions, which is administered by the State government under the Indian Stamp Act. The stamp duty charges vary from State to State. In some States, stamp duty charges depend on gender, municipal areas or income groups, too. Such charges are calculated on the cost of the property at the time of registration. The value of the stamp duty is usually computed on the prevalent circle rates in a region. At present, the stamp duty charge in Ghaziabad is 7 percent.


Stamp duty and registration charges in Ghaziabad


Stamp duty rates

Registration fees


7 percent

1 percent


7 percent-Rs 10000

1 percent

Joint (Male and Female)

7 percent-Rs 10000

1 percent


How are Stamp Duty charges calculated?

In calculating stamp duty charges, several factors are taken into consideration. Stamp duty charges are calculated on the total market value of the property. Apart from this, the type of the property, its location, gender and age of the owner, and type of the property are also considered while computing the charges.

Factors determining Stamp Duty charges

  • Age of the property
  • Age of the owner
  • Amenities
  • Type of the property - Commercial buildings attract a higher stamp duty charge compared to residential units
  • Location of the property - If your property is located in a municipal locality, you need to pay higher stamp duty. If your property is located in Panchayat limits, lower stamp duty fees will be levied 

What are the property registration charges in Ghaziabad?

Once you have paid the stamp duty, the next step is to get the property registered under the Indian Registration Act. The registration fee differs from State to State. In Ghaziabad, the property registration charges are pegged at 1 percent of the market value or sale value of the property (whichever is higher).

Documents required for payment of Stamp duty and registration fees