Popular lighting trends for your home


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ways to enliven you house

99acres.com lists some popular lighting trends that can help your home create a sensational visual impact on the residents as well as visitors.

Lighting plays a powerful role in interior décor. It can lend character and glamour to the simplest of rooms, uplift the ambience in a gloomy house, highlight the strongest décor points, or create a cosy atmosphere in a large home. Such is the power of light.

Here are some of the popular lighting trends to beautify your home:

Recessed lights

Recessed lights have rapidly grown in popularity in the country and can be seen everywhere from homes to commercial establishments. These create a sophisticated ambience wherever used and highlight interior while saving space as well. Recessed lights, also called hidden lights or ceiling lights, are fitted in false ceilings and help avoid the mess of wires, giving the room a clean and seamless appeal.

LED lights

Yogesh Tirloatkar, Partner, Geopreneur Design Studio, comments that LED lights are quite possibly the most popular lighting technique that is rapidly becoming the norm, replacing CFL and other less eco-friendly lighting methods. LED bulbs can be used in every corner of the house and can be fitted in false ceilings, hanging lights, accent fixtures and other kinds of lighting fixtures. These last long and are available in a variety of colours.

Cabinet lightinglighting trends snippet

Another trend growing in popularity is the use of lights inside and under cabinets and drawers. The presence of lights inside dark spaces such as drawers, cupboards, and closets help one easily locate items without requiring the use of flashlights. Usually, such lights are automatic and get turned on when drawers or cabinets are opened.

Night lights

These are extremely popular for kids’ rooms and are available in a wide variety of creative and imaginative designs. However, the availability of a plethora of designs means that night lights can be used in any room. As the name suggests, these are perfect for subtle illumination at night which does not hamper sleep.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lights are overhead hanging lights that are gaining popularity among homeowners. These are rapidly replacing bulky chandeliers to give a minimalistic look to the house. These can act as focal points of home décor and make a bold statement in any room. Pendant lights can work wonders whether placed over a dining table or in a large foyer.

Tripod lamps

Tripod lamps that resemble a photographer’s lighting apparatus are the latest in lighting techniques. They are apt for lending a contemporary and eclectic look to any room and are available in a variety of materials and finishes. They are equally suitable for large and small spaces due to their adjustable designs.

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