Popular green trends for Indian homes 2018


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Open green spaces

With a heightened taste of modern decor among today's homebuyers, interior designers are focusing on enhancing greenery in homes. Various steps are being taken to make home spaces green.

There are many ways in which one can beautify a residential or commercial space. A trending way is to use plants, which not only includes beauty to the decor but also brings freshness to the atmosphere. Greenery helps in de-stressing and relaxation; plants enhance one’s mood and are natural healers. Below we list the indoor and outdoor trends that are likely to be popular in 2018 in the green space -

• Indoor plants represent the current trend that helps influence nature to living room space. Since a majority of apartments does not have access to gardens, many people are opting for environment-friendly residences. The exclusive urban gardens are constructed by introducing potted plants, herb or terrace gardens on the kitchen windowsills and other areas of the house. Indoor plants can improve air quality by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide thus regulating humidity.

• Indoor and Outdoor vertical gardens are gaining popularity and serve as the most fundamental option to promote greenery. The concept is focused on attaching plant containers to the walls. It is equally noted as a green facade or a living green wall. Vertical gardens ad an exquisite touch to your home and includes an element of greenery by adding a green cover to the walls. The gardens further help in the useful utilisation of space. Vertical gardens are trending; you can be creative and design your vertical gardens. You can use fused bulbs, bottles, photo frames, etc., to make vertical gardens rather than using the contemporary clay plots.   Capture 3

• Cultivating the food that will be eventually consumed captures both joy and relevance; hence, kitchen gardens have become the modern trend and are serving as an element of interest. Urban home settings often lack space making it difficult to provide an area for a garden in such a home setting. Smaller areas of the home like balconies and windowsills are recommended for indoor kitchen gardens where you can plant your leafy vegetables and herbs.

 • Green elements remain an integral part of the decor that will focus on providing ample greenery in buildings. There is a need for builders to choose sustainable means of building and decorating homes is also expected to increase in the upcoming year. Most homemakers nowadays are looking at green homes, which are built utilising sustainable methods. This extends to interiors as well where recycling and re-purposing are becoming popular. A green canopy with parks and walking areas are also being incorporated in these buildings.

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