Popular ceiling design trends


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ceiling decor trends

A relatively new concept, ceiling designs can add to the beauty of any room as they create a good first impression whenever someone enters the room. However, while homeowners take great pains to adorn their house, ceilings often remain neglected. 99acres.com lists five popular ceiling design trends that can help enhance the aesthetic quotient of your home.

Attractive ceiling designs can change the entire look of a room and make it more inimitable and unique which leaves an enviable first impression. Gone are the days when ceilings were plain white rectangles over our heads! Today ceiling embellishment is one of the hottest new trends to hit the interior designing industry. With an astonishing number of designs on offer, exquisitely designed ceilings are in vogue.

Here are some popular trends in ceiling design that you can choose to turn your rooms from drab to fab:

False ceilings

False ceilings are probably the most widely used ceiling décor concept. False ceilings can provide a homogeneous appearance to the ceilings with a smooth finish without any visible joints. “Gypsum sheets are very popular for ceiling decor,” says Amit Gavankar, Founder, Design Bureau. These are very versatile and can be cut according to any design and hence are widely used for false ceilings. “Steps, curves, and other trendy options can be achieved with the false boards too,” shares Ajay Agarwal, Chairman, Geopreneur Design Studio. Apart from gypsum and plaster boards, ACP sheets are also used for false ceilings in modern buildings.

Wooden ceilings

Home owners can use wood in a false ceiling to create a warm ambience in the interiors. A unique amalgamation of contemporary decoration with the traditional materials like wood will make guests fall in love with the ceiling. Wooden beams in geometrical designs is another way of incorporating wood in the ceiling décor. Gavankar shares that the number of people requesting for wooden ceilings with veneer finish is also growing.


Grills are the latest entrant in the market for ceiling décor, shares Gavankar. Medium Density Fibre (MDF) grills are strong as well as fashionable and environment-friendly too since they are made up of wood fibre. They can help create 3D effects on your ceiling. Laser-cut jalis are another variation of this concept which is gaining popularity.


Using wallpapers is one of the common ways of adorning the interiors of a home but it is usually limited to the walls. However, Agarwal shares that now homeowners are going ahead with the trend of using wallpaper on the ceilings which can add to the aesthetics of the space and create a breath-taking ambience.

Glass ceilings

According to Agarwal, glass ceilings are also rising in popularity with lots of designers experimenting with back-lit glass ceilings these days. Back-lit glass ceilings create a surreal room atmosphere. In this technique, the uniform, soft illumination in a room is created with the help of white light and glass with matt film which dispenses light very consistently and effectively.

Now that you know that there are so many impressive options available in the market, it is time to update that boring and antiquated ceiling. Choose something new and memorable to give your neglected ceilings a touch of glamour.

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