Constructed using brick masonry, steel, and RCC cement, the main idea of parapet walls is to elevate safety. Generally, it is constructed at the edges of the roof or as an extension of the roof of the buildings. The constructed facade also gives great protection against heavy winds, water, and dust. Having a parapet wall offers an attractive look to the building structures. In some cases, these walls are designed in a way that gives an illusion of a high-rise building. Here are some examples of Parapet wall designs for drawing inspiration: 

What is a Parapet wall design?

A parapet wall is a small wall built along the terrace, roof, and balconies. This is a structural element used in modern building architecture. The main utility of the wall is to prevent accidents and save people from falling. Parapet walls can be constructed in various designs such as straight, stepped, or curved. To make the design more cohesive one can play with different patterns, textures, and arches as well. These walls are visually captivating and serve as a practical feature of a building that can be designed to suit one’s taste and preference. 

Preventing dust, heavy wind, and gathering of debris are some of the major advantages offered by Parapet wall design. Plain parapet, perforated parapet, panelled parapet, and embattled parapet are four different kinds of parapet designs. In India, the minimum height of a parapet should not be less than 1.2 metres or four feet. This height is preferred for safety purposes as it offers a protective barrier on roofs and balconies.  

Parapet wall designs

3D Parapet wall design

3 D Parapet Wall Design 3 D Parapet Wall Designs

A 3D parapet wall design is a majestic design that offers vast scope for customisation. The 3D pattern features crisp lines and adds a modern flair to the overall design. The design offers the perfect balance of practicality and aesthetics with its bold and captivating patterns.  

Sloped parapet wall design

Sloped Parapet Wall Designs

A sloped parapet wall design is a perfect option for those areas that receive high rainfall or snow. The sloppy design is built along the roof and helps to drain the water during rainfall. This is a practical design as it helps to prevent water leakage. You can either go for a concrete sloppy wall design or a brick pattern for enhancing the beauty of the exteriors.  

Stone parapet wall design

Stone Parapet Wall Design

You can create an illusion of a distinct texture using a stone parapet wall design. Choose from natural stones or go for textured designs that resemble raw stones to achieve that crude design. Incorporate different textures that resemble various types of stone such as limestone or granite. This helps to add that traditional and earthy charm to the building.  

Cantilevered parapet wall

You can create a striking parapet wall with a cantilevered design perfect for a contemporary home. This design can be created by extending a section of the parapet wall horizontally. This helps to add a sculptural effect to make it a focal point in the building.  

Modern parapet wall designs 

Front elevation parapet wall

Front Elevation Parapet Wall

This is a modern design that exudes clean elevated lines with elaborate detailing. This elevation design infuses an element of refinement and artistry using materials such as concrete or metal panels. Opt for engraved geometric designs on the walls for a streamlined look. 

Glass parapet wall

Glass Parapet Wall Glass Parapet Wall ideas

You can use sleek glass panels along the parapet walls to achieve an exotic design. Choose from clear or frosted glass panels for an unobstructed view of the surroundings. You can also opt for recessed lighting along the edges for good visibility during the dark. 

Vertical slats parapet wall

Vertical Slats Parapet Wall

Vertical slats can be added to the parapet walls to bring the right texture to the exteriors. Materials such as metal, wood, or composite panels in vertical alignment enhance the visual appeal. 

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Border parapet wall design 

Decorative tile border

Decorative Tile Border ideas

Opt for a decorative tile border to add a splash of colours and patterns to the wall. You can go for tiles with intricate designs or vibrant colours to accentuate the aesthetics of the building. You can either arrange them in a symmetrical line or a geometric pattern for an eye-catching look. 

Curved stone border

Curved Stone Border ideas

A parapet wall in a curved design adorned with stone is a great way to add a graceful look. You can choose circular or square-shaped stones to add a touch of elegance to the buildings. This design is a great way to achieve a smooth and flowy look on the walls. 

Metal railing border


Enhance the functionality and durability of your parapet wall border by installing a metal railing. You can choose from decorative or simple metal railings for achieving an attractive look. Opt for steel railing design for sturdiness and increased safety. 

Parapet wall design in village

Terracotta parapet wall

Terracotta Parapet Wall

Terracotta can be used on the parapet wall to add the authentic rustic vibe of a village. You can choose earthy-toned terracotta bricks to bring out a traditional design to the wall. This design also helps to bring out a timeless look and feel on the parapet wall. 

Whitewashed lime plaster parapet wall

Whitewashed Lime Plaster Parapet Wall

A whitewashed lime plaster is a cost-effective yet aesthetically beautiful way to adorn the walls. The lime-based plaster is applied in layers that help to bring out a fresh and clean look. The white-washed effect adds a subtle texture and character to the parapet wall. 

Woven bamboo parapet wall

Woven Bamboo Parapet Wall

The woven bamboo parapet wall is an eco-friendly solution and adds an organic touch to the exteriors. You can use thick bamboo poles for a sturdy framework and thinner bamboo strips to create a natural and rustic wall. As a sustainable material, bamboo helps to create a serene atmosphere.

Folk art parapet wall

Folk Art Parapet Wall ideas

You can celebrate the art and culture of your village by adding folk art motifs on parapet walls. You can use stencils to make these traditional patterns or symbols on the walls. Choose vibrant and dark shades to add vibrancy and retain the cultural identity of the village.

Parapet wall plaster design

Smooth finish parapet wall

ideas for Smooth Finish Parapet Wall

You can achieve a clean and sleek look on your walls with a smooth plaster finish. This plaster design gives the wall a polished effect and also a seamless appearance. A smooth finish wall plaster works well with contemporary home styles.

Textured stucco parapet wall

Textured Stucco Parapet Wall tips for Textured Stucco Parapet Wall

A textured stucco plaster design is great to create a dynamic look. This design works great with Mediterranean to Spanish-inspired designs. You can choose from various stucco textures such as swirls, trowel patterns, or rough finishes for a stylish appearance.

Exposed aggregate parapet wall


The parapet wall with an exposed plaster finish is great for an industrial-styled exterior. The exposed effect can be achieved by adding pebbles, crushed stones, or glass chips to the plaster surface. 

Parapet wall design without grill

Embossed texture parapet wall


This simple design with a unique design can be crafted using textured bricks. You can also choose simple bricks and embossed them with desired texture for a patterned effect. This design adds the required dimension and a captivating element to the wall.

Artistic mosaic parapet wall


You can create a stunning parapet wall using a simple mosaic technique. This design can be created by creating a mosaic pattern on ceramic or glass tiles. An artistic mosaic parapet wall is a great way to add a vibrant and artistic touch to the wall. 

Arched parapet wall

information on Arched Parapet Wall

You can opt for an arched parapet wall to add a graceful and timeless look. The design is crafted using a series of evenly spaced brick arches along the top edge of the wall.

Parapet wall design with grill 

Grid pattern parapet wall with grill

Grid Pattern Parapet Wall with Grill

A grid pattern parapet wall with a grill is a great way to add security to the exteriors. You can opt for a parapet with evenly spaced openings to install the grill conveniently. This design is a great way to add an aesthetic appeal and also elevates the safety and security of the home.

Floral motif parapet wall with grill

Floral Motif Parapet Wall with Grill

Parapet walls with floral motifs and grills can add a touch of elegance. You can go for a simple brickwork design or can also opt for a parapet with intricate carvings or moulded patterns to add a visual charm. 

Geometric cutout parapet wall with grill

Geometric Cutout Parapet Wall with Grill

A geometric cutout parapet wall with a grill is a great design for a home with a contemporary design. You can play with geometric shapes such as squares, circles, or triangles, leaving empty spaces within the wall. Same way, you can install a grill design that complements the geometric shapes of the parapet wall.  

Parapet wall design for small house

Minimalist parapet wall

Minimalist Parapet Wall

A minimalist parapet wall design is great for a small house with a modern style. The design focuses on a streamlined and sleek appearance that complements the small house.

Open lattice parapet wall

Open Lattice Parapet Wall

An open lattice parapet wall helps to create a sense of airiness and maximises the flow of natural light. You can choose a brick-styled design with even spaces, and it makes for a visually appealing pattern.

Railing parapet wall

Railing Parapet Wall

You can include a zigzag parapet wall to add visual interest to the small house. This effect is great for bringing in dynamism and enhances the overall look of the outdoors. 

Rounded parapet wall

Rounded Parapet Wall

Opt for a curved parapet wall design to soften the lines of a small house. Use bricks to form a gentle curve along the top edge of the wall, creating a sense of elegance and harmony.

Parapet wall design in brickwork

Straight parapet wall

Straight Parapet Wall

This design features a simple straight wall that extends above the roofline. Thus, providing a clean and classic look and a sleek and uncluttered appearance. It is commonly used in homes that have modern and minimalist architecture.

Stepped parapet wall

Stepped Parapet Wall

This design mimics the ascending and descending steps within the parapet wall. This parapet wall design is a great way to add visual interest and dimension to the structure.

Decorative parapet wall 

Decorative Parapet Wall 

Featuring decorative ornate elements such as carvings, arches, and mouldings, this design is great for creating a focal point. With the right elements and designs, you can make your parapet an elegant piece of your home. 

Perforated parapet wall

Perforated Parapet Wall

A perforated parapet design features small openings and patterns within the bricks. This is a great way to allow light and proper airflow within the structure. Additionally, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Curved parapet wall

Curved Parapet Wall

Curved parapet walls often feature smooth, flowing lines that look like a deviated straight line. This design is great to add the required grace to the structure. The natural shape and curved roofline complement the wall designs. 


Summing up, parapet designs are a practical solution crucial for modern architecture. These walls not only offer safety and offers protection against slippage but also enhance the visual appeal of the buildings. You can choose from a wide variety of parapet walls to create a distinct identity for your home.