One of the cardinal rules of the fashion and design industry is to never forget to accessorize. Accessories are a vital channel of allowing one’s personality to shine. They bring that extra ‘something’ with themselves that one lacks, making one stand out of the crowd. They accentuate the overall look and, in a way, make one’s image more remarkable and memorable. And if a simple accessory can pull off such wonders, why shouldn’t one accessorize their offices as well?

In today’s working environment, office accessories have become a necessity. A general rule about office accessories is that they provide function before they add to the fashion of the office.  Thus, these accessories greatly increase the efficiency levels in the office while creating a more utilitarian vibe. Moreover, employees who are assisted by modern retrofitting feel more productive and enthused. This is because office accessories keep employees from getting bored and support them throughout the day.

In addition to that, accessories in the office add to the overall look and aesthetic of the room making it more interesting, modern and polished. They help creating an organized system in the office and de-clutter the floor giving it a more spacious look. Apart from the staple office fixtures, many offices today are incorporating modular accessories to increase their productivity levels and infuse the environment with energy.

Anyone who wishes to make their office, be it be a home office or a corporate office, a more fertile place they must have the following accessories fitted in their workplace:

1) In-built stationary holders

More often than not, someone or the other is in on a hunt for a pen or pencil in the office. This is because their desks aren’t accommodating of their basic needs. Moreover, keeping extra items on one’s workstation only clutters it and creates more confusion. This is why it is important to have desks with in-built paper tray and pens holder. This way, a person can store and have access to his stationary easily.

2) Multipurpose desk dividers

Earlier, office desks came with fixed dividers which served just one purpose – to divide the desk into the required number of sections to give privacy to the person working. However now, desk dividers are skimping on their previously big and bulky look to allow for more inter-employee collaboration. Desk dividers are now also acting as glass marker boards and soft-boards, allowing for creativity to flow.

3) Inconspicuous wire holders

The floor of many offices is strewn with wires – laptop charger wire, extension cords, phone lines etc. More often than not, these wires lay matted on the office ground, creating more problems than ease. This is why, it is highly important to install wire holders in the offices to minimize this confusion and organize wires according to their need and purpose. Wire holders can be installed in the desk itself to further save space.

4) Modesty fixtures

As the name suggests, modesty fixtures are great to protect one from any kind of embarrassment that they might face. These fixtures are a great hit in co-ed offices. Moreover, modesty fixtures also help in creating space barriers.

The impact of just these four accessories in your office will be monumental. These accessories aren’t just stand alone appendages which systemize the office but they add more to the existing fixtures increasing their value.