With most people staying inside and working from home due to the 21-day lockdown, giving emphasis to digital marketing for your real estate project in these times is a golden opportunity.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has sent 60-65% of the Indian population under self-isolation. These quarantined days have left no choice for the inmates but to be online most of the time.

This increased web engagement is a silver lining for real estate developers as the Internet has become an inevitable medium to address their daily needs which also includes housing. Digital marketing is a success promising avenue to reach out to potential buyers and investors. 

The factor of convenience is dominant in driving buyers to invest significant time researching different project options. With aggregator and listing websites acting as a great platform for comparison, the developers have to be really strategic on their social media pages and in updating their websites to give first-time visitors a unique experience.

Developers have an upper hand in this situation, with a staggering number of 450 million internet users in India. The figures clearly show the increasing importance of a profound and well-planned digital presence. Social media analytic tools can be used for lead generation, data mining and for curating targeted media campaigns.  

The content must be curated for the different types of viewers that are visiting the website or clicking on the advertisements and links related to housing. It is a golden time for developers to leverage digital marketing so as to create value for customers. There are increased chances that the content will be fully read and not just scrolled away. So, practices like keyword stuffing must be avoided just to get some extra hits; they induce a degree of redundancy and incoherency. The focus should be on creating interesting content and getting a boost through organic searches and promotion.

 A very crucial aspect that has to be taken care of is most of them are accessing the Internet through their smartphone screens, so make it mobile-friendly. The increasing importance of vernacular languages and voice search feature is also to be taken duly care of. Digital marketing is a key growth driving factor in businesses, real estate industry is no exception. This is why there is an upsurge in budgets set aside for digital promotion. Although traditional media continues to have its own prominent advantages, ignoring digital marketing in recent times can surely limit the growth and reach of your real estate business.

Therefore, it is very important to target the right digital platforms apart from the website and this should help developers in lead generation. Facebook real estate marketing tools, Twitter, Instagram and all other relevant social media portals can prove to be advantageous. Posting should be frequent on social media accounts and positive reviews should be promoted. Right keyword searches on Twitter will help you stay in the buzz, email newsletters and e-mail blasts are some of the other ways that can be utilised during this season of lockdowns and self-isolation.