It is finally summertime! This means longer days, shorter nights and warm weather that could last well into the night. Here are some tips for finding the right lighting fixtures for the right kind of ambience to go with your leisurely summer evenings.

When the summer season arrives, we want to head outside at the end of our long workday. Well designed outdoors are always a treat but properly lit spaces and appropriate luminous accents can really make the space joyful and welcoming. Check out our favourite ideas and unique ways to light up the night in style.

Minimalism in lighting

When it comes to light, more is not always merrier. Lighting consists of a play of both shadow and light. Too many lights in a seating area could be overwhelming, and instead, well-planned lighting arrangements can create dramatic shadows and interesting visual effects throughout the setting.

Use subtle lighting arrangements

When it comes to open-air rooms, particularly for deck areas and terrace gardens, the use of indirect lighting is ideal, as it helps create a peaceful atmosphere. We are witnessing increasing utilization of outdoor lanterns, self-lit planters, pendants, and roof fans outfitted with light units to illuminate the seating areas that add a dash of calm to the summer evenings.

Porch lighting 

Leisurely summer evenings are incomplete without a chair laid out on your porch with a cup of sweet tea under the porch light. With subtle illumination from a spot near your porch or veranda, you can add some flavour to the ambience. This type of illumination is referred to as 'moonlighting' and consists of a lighting fixture placed in a tree or any elevated spot about seven feet away from the porch. The right lighting can add both depth and texture to your outdoor living or leisure space. This lighting method has many names depending on the environment that it illuminates. It can be referred to as patio lighting, bistro lighting, cafe lighting or string lighting.

Take a look from the inside

While designing lighting for outdoors, you must look at it from the indoor perspective. How it looks like from the inside is just as important as using a blatant outdoor approach for beautification. Lighting arrangements, gardens or shrubs that can be seen from living or dining room gives a room-expanding view to the outside at night.

Pool area lighting 

Water is the element which relaxes you in the summer. If you have a pool in your property, permanent lighting fixtures can uplift your pool time. Around the time that twilight arrives, your family can keep on utilizing the pool, or you can host your party with friends and family without much of a stretch. Your pool deck becomes more secure when sufficiently bright. You can keep youngsters and visitors from unforeseen injuries. Check the IP rating of the light fixture before installing it inside the pool, taking advice from a specialist is a must to avoid any accidents.

Showcase your unique style

Style is one of the most important factors. Incorporating different styles into the arrangement of different lighting fixtures can give your home a unique look. While there are plenty of design and features and each has its own advantage, choose the one which matches with the architectural design of your home.

The right combination of outdoor lighting fixtures highlights the architecture and showcases landscaping, creating an appealing and welcoming sight to both passers-by and guests alike.