Key things to consider while choosing security gadgets


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Today home security and protection has become a critical part of life to lead a stress-free life. While there are many gadgets such as sensors, CCTV cameras available in the market, but one needs to be very careful in selecting the right security system.

Just as moving into a new home or renovating your abode can be a little overwhelming experience, buying a home security system can also be one of the best investments that you can make to safeguard your valuables and family.

To get the best out of your investment in security, there are a few key points to consider. This will help you gain the peace of mind that you are aiming for, get security for the longer term, and avoid problems or risks later on.

Identify needs: It is very important for the user to identify the security needs for the house, for instance, is it an apartment or a bungalow, how many doors and windows, which floor is it on, and so on. This will help design a comprehensive security system.

Think alerts: Customers should consider the degree of response they want after an incident and the speed. Today it is possible to get SMS alerts if there is an incident, or install devices that communicate directly with your smartphone, the police station or the neighbours. Godrej Security Solutions, for instance, has a GSM-based alarm system, which alerts you immediately after a burglary attempt. There is the option of installing a CCTV system that provides a live feed.

Check durability: Once the consumer decides the kind of security gadgets and systems that he/she will be deploying, it is important to consider the longevity of the product. If a burglar alarm will not last for more than six months to a year, it does not make sense to install it.

Go professional: It is important for the primary manufacturer to install the security device. If the security product is not installed properly, chances are it will not trigger an alarm when needed, or it may provide a false alarm. For example, if a safe is not installed properly, it may fail to ring an alarm when opened by an unauthorized person. Buying security devices from middle-men or retailers who don’t know the right installation procedure may lead to problems later.

Ask for a demo: A comprehensive demonstration of the security devices by knowledgeable and skilled personnel is also very important. Ask the manufacturer to provide this.

Ensure warranties: It is very important for the consumer to ensure on-site warranty before installation. Most security products cannot be taken by a consumer to a service centre; once the system is installed at your home, it is difficult to uninstall them. Worse, if the device has to be removed for repairs, you are vulnerable for that period.

Check serviceability: After sales, service is a very important aspect. If the product is covered by warranty, the response time of the company is crucial. The company has to ensure that batteries and other accessories are working constantly so that the device is at peak efficiency in case of an emergency.

Check credibility: The problem with the Indian security industry is that there are not too many entry and exit barriers. The result: a company might import a container-load of security gadgets from abroad, sell it here and move out of the business in a matter of months. Customers are left dangling with no recourse to help.

The unorganized sector may offer cheaper products but are less reliable. India now has professional companies that are fully geared towards ensuring that consumers get the best of products, services, and solutions. When it comes to security, there is nothing more important than peace of mind. 

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