Is monsoon really a good time to invest in properties?


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When the monsoon strikes hard, homebuyers prefer to sit indoors. But it is a surprise that if you visit the site and actually decide to buy the house, it will be a massive advantage overall. Rather than avoiding this opportunity, a potential homebuyer should use it as an analysis to witness the pros and cons like location, construction quality, etc.

Throughout the monsoon season, a real estate property and its neighboring area may be quite diverse from how it is during the rest of the year. As a result, this season offers potential homebuyers, with the chance to gather precious insights on their future buy. Let’s delve into it.

Amenities and Infrastructure:

During monsoons, the roads are full of traffic and water clogging, this type of a situation will showcase an actual travel and accessibility convenience of the area. A potential homebuyer must visit the site several times before taking the final decision. Country like India which witnesses monsoon on a greater scale, is a suitable time to check the condition of the building and the adjacent area around it. Other criteria to look upon would be how often the transportation takes place like the distance between the building and a bus depot or a railway station.

Quality of construction:

Issues like seepage near washrooms and on the ceilings, leakages, quality of plumbing and drainage, water logging, traffic in the neighborhood are very common during monsoons, and this period will be the best time for a quality check. While it might not give an exact scenario of an under-construction property but certainly works for resale homes.

Fewer buyers, more eager developers to sell:

Monsoons eliminated potential buyers from the market and builders are under constant pressure to sell their inventories so this period is best to negotiate with them. Developers are more flexible when it comes to payments and negotiations; they are also open to give freebies, services and discounts which a buyer may not get otherwise. 


Monsoon is an ideal time for discounts and negotiations. Especially for resale homes, this time is appropriate because realty sector is very slanted throughout this season. Monsoon season is the time where builders lower their prices for serious buyers. Also the festival season, that falls during September-October, developers offers special discounts to create a buzz in the market and increase their sale.

Advantages that will help to select a property:

  • In cases, where flaws in the project become obvious during the rainy season, buyers can negotiate and also ask the developer to repair the same.
  • Low lying areas are prone to flooding, leading to traffic jams and transportation distress. The amount of this problem can be best judged in the monsoon season.
  • Potential buyers can estimate whether the property has problems pertaining to seepage, leakage from the terrace, drainage issues leading to stagnation of dirty water, etc.
  • For a resale home, a concluding examination in this season can disclose construction quality and how the property has been maintained.
  • As it is a lean period, vis-à-vis sales, sellers may be enthusiastic to negotiate on the price.

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