Insite Report Pan India Summary Apr-Jun 2015


The report brings to you major movements in real estate across India in the Apr-May-Jun quarter of 2015 as compared to the Jan-Feb-Mar quarter 2015. Our endeavor has been to not only capture the significant trends across all the major cities and localities but also to bring to you the analysis and the insights that will make this report valuable for investors and end users. For this reason, we have compared quarterly price movements with annual trends and deep-dived into the reasons wherever the contrast is something to write home about. We have also introduced in this report, an in-depth supply analysis for every city to enable sellers and buyers determine the direction of the realty market.



We have reported quarterly price movements in the capital values and rental values measured in per square feet for 3BHK in the analysis on residential apartments across seven cities: National Capital Region, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata. Effort has been made to provide comparable and accurate city level data, since prices and rents are floating and at any point may vary from the actual numbers.

Pan India_Price Movements_Apr-Jun 2015


Pan India_Supply Movements_Apr-Jun 2015

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Delhi Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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Mumbai Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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Bangalore Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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Hyderabad Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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Pune Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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Chennai Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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Kolkata Insite Report Apr-Jun 2015

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