The type of architecture that has been found in India has been highly varied. No two buildings will ever look the same unless grouped together by a particular time period. There is no dearth of having a distinct style through these wonders with a plethora of monuments and countless architectural styles.

India has been through a myriad of rulers, kings, and sultans. Based in the architectural melting pot of India, in Mumbai, there is a wide plethora of elements and styles one can take influence from to incorporate within their interiors. 

Cultural Colour Blast 

Royal blue is a stunning colour that has the ability to add vibrancy to home interiors. This shade of blue is beautiful as it can transform any space from simple to sophisticated, leaving a lasting impression on the user. Royal blue has been used on the Ashoka Chakra in the Indian tricolour Flag. According to the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, this colour represents self-reliance when used in daily life. Used in the living room, while the regal effect of the colour accentuates the entire room aesthetic, it also adds a sublime pop from among the neutrals. Furthermore, using this shade in private spaces like the bathroom also brings in uniqueness, thus standing out on its own.

Fresh Visuals

The subtle addition of greenery with the use of a planter further adds a visual brightness to the space. Green is the colour of health and fertility. The sublime addition of greenery into room corners brings brightness into the space. Paying homage to the national flag, the inclusion of greenery within the home interiors also help add freshness to the room as well as keep the atmosphere spirited. Moreover, green also works well in outdoor spaces for maximum appeal, for instance, a sit-out area or a barbeque zone on the terrace or the balcony. Green is a colour of abundance, hence making indoor planters an ideal choice for tranquil and harmonious living spaces. 

Due to the fragmentation seen in the subcontinent since ancient times, there are various ways to display one's patriotic spirit through architecture and design. Harkening back to pre-colonial times, India's unyielding spirit and culture have been preserved through design, decor, and architectural accents.