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Important Documents



Verifying the documentation related to the purchase of a house holds great importance for it establishes that the property does not have any legal adversities associated with it. Whether you are buying from a builder or an individual owner, you need to take care of the following documents:


RERA certificate: Every real estate developer is required to register with the respective State’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Upon registration, a unique registration number and certificate is issued for every developer and project. You must check the RERA certificate or the RERA registration number and seek a hard or a digital copy of the same.


Systematic Registered Agreement for sale between the previous parties: This document would include:


  • Project completion timeline
  • Payment clauses
  • Interest and penalties to be levied on a buyer
  • Approvals and sanctions obtained by the builder
  • Approved project layout
  • Title deed
  • Loans/mortgages (if any)
  • Funding source (joint venture, partnership or equity funding)
  • Refund clauses in case the project does not get completed 


7/12 Extraction and Village Form No. 6 of the property: This revenue document carries information about the ownership, occupancy, rights, liabilities and other aspects pertaining to both agricultural and non-agricultural land parcels. The extract contains information on the:


  • Land’s survey number
  • Owner’s name
  • Total area of the land
  • Cultivator’s name
  • Whether the land is irrigated or rain fed, in case of an agricultural parcel
  • Crops grown during the previous cultivating season



Property card

A home buyer must check whether the property card carries information about the ownership. The history of the land holders in the jurisdiction of a village in an urban area should also be clearly spelt out.


Approved Location Plan stating the right location


City survey plan from the appropriate authority and/or survey plan from the revenue department


Layout Plot Plan approved by the local authority: Commonly known as a site plan, this document will contain a diagram delineating the project, road position, equipment layout and utility runs. It will also contain other constructions of proposed or existing project sites. Buyers must take note that the layout of a building or a project has been approved by the land authority of the city or the state and not by the panchayat. The term ‘panchayat approved plots’ is a misnomer and abets falsified selling of projects with unapproved layouts. A buyer, thus, must check that the approval for layout has been issued by one of the following authorities:


  • Town and Country Planning Department such as Director Town and Country Planning (DTCP)
  • Nodal planning agencies such as:

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA)
Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA)
Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA)
Delhi Development Authority (DDA)


Architect certificate about the Layout Plot: This is an Interim Certificate issued by the project architect, confirming that project has been satisfactorily completed.


Latest Title and Search Report for at least the last 25 years from an advocate/solicitor regarding the subject property: This is an official proof of property ownership. The title deed will feature the property’s description and the owner/s’ name. It will confer certain privileges to the property owner. In case of resale properties, these rights will then be transferred to the new owner.


Non-Agricultural Order attached along with the appropriate clearances from the authorities: This order is essentially a permission granted for converting an agricultural land into a non-agricultural one. A plot of land assessed for agriculture cannot be used for non-agricultural usage, without permission.


Clearance Certificate: This certificate is awarded to the builder once he receives all the No Objection Certificates (NOCs) confirming that payments have been made for the property purchased. The builder requires clearance for archaeological survey, drainage, environment, fire, hydraulic, sewage, water and traffic.


Building/Structure Plan approved by the appropriate authority as per the Development control rules and regulations


Clear Commencement Certificate: The builder receives this certificate by the town planning authorities after obtaining licenses and sanctions for the project map and laying down the foundation of the boundaries and superstructure. Simply put, the certificate allows the builder to commence construction of the project.


Clear Completion Certificate: The builder issues this certificate after completing the construction of a project. This is a mandatory document which attests that the constructed project has been completed in accordance to the safety norms of the state and the Government Buildings Act, 1899.


Clear Occupation Certificate: This document is issued by the municipal corporation confirming that your building complies with all the norms of the state, thus making it suitable for occupancy.


Proof of payment of stamp duty and registration


Development agreement or agreement for sale executed between the landlord and the builder for development or for transfer of title, right and/or interest to the builder


Draft conveyance deed proposed to be executed in favour of the applicant: This document is signed by the seller stating that the property’s ownership has been given to the buyer.


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  • Ruchi Malhotra, April 5, 2019 | 2:37 pm

    What documents to check for freehold plots

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    • Shradha Goyal, September 18, 2019 | 12:33 pm

      For plots, you must check the following documents -
      The Deed Title
      Encumbrance Certificate
      Property Tax Receipts and Bills
      7/12 Extract
      Release Certificate from the bank
      Original property tax receipt and other bills relating to the plot


  • Siddesh, July 1, 2016 | 11:14 am

    Documents to look for when buying a resale property

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    • Shradha Goyal, September 18, 2019 | 12:29 pm

      You must check the following documents for a resale property -
      Title Report
      NOC from Bank
      Building Approval Certificate
      Completion/Occupancy Certificate
      Encumbrance Certificate
      Utility Bills
      Latest Tax Paid Receipts
      No Objection Certificate (NOC)
      No Dues Certificate from Society
      Title Deed
      Sale Deed
      Possession Certificate
      Share Certificate


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